How to Create a Free Corporate Email Account in Zoho Mail? – Very easy

Zoho Mail is a free email multiplatform that allows users of the service to writing messages and documents in text format. In addition, some tools have been implemented that allow information sharing and teamwork.

The global messaging network was born from Advent Net, a corporation founded in the United States in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu. Who had been working on a platform that allowed users to perform Teamworks from the distance.

Initially Zoho had all the necessary structures to manage a common email account; But programmers have taken on the task of creating new tools that are compatible with the platform and that provide different editing alternatives.

How to create a free corporate email account in Zoho Mail?

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Corporate emails are accounts created specifically for represent a company or business in the digital medium. By this means allied companies or potential clients can communicate with the service provider either to buy, sell, make some kind of suggestion or clear up doubts.

Zoho Mail allows business clients to establish a communication link with their consumers. As well as knowing what they like and from there make available the catalog of products or services according to the needs of each one. And in addition to this, they can relate to other companies in the environment to establish alliances.

Without a doubt, for the platform developers it is important to provide a quality service. Therefore, they strive to guarantee everything that companies require in terms of digital positioning, in order to reach a greater number of customers.

How to create a corporate email in Zoho Mail?

Creating an email account is quite simple, of course, if it is a business account, the service will be subject to certain terms and conditions.

  • The first thing to do is enter from your trusted browser to the Zoho Mail official page, which you can get through this link.

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  • Upon entering you will find different options. You must click on the red button with the words «sign up Now»or what would it be in spanish «enter now» and select the type of account you want to create.
  • At this point you must select to create a business email and click on the service plan you want to hire. You can choose between payment plans of 1 to 4 dollars per month.
  • Then you need to add information related to the payment method. Taking into account that it can be done through a debit or credit card (in case the national currency of your account is not the dollar, the system will automatically carry out the conversion and show you the total).
  • Now select the web domain to which the company belongs, shop or business and fill out the corresponding registration form. The data required for the account include phone number, company name and password for the email account.
  • Finally verify the information supplied and design your account name.

Service bundle obtained in Zoho Mail

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Because most of the accounts are of corporate origin, Zoho Mail has arranged different options that may be useful, some of the most important are:

Zoho report: this tool allows the creation of tables of statistics and a record of graphs that allow you to carry out a strict control of the business carried out.

Zoho campaing: this service allows mass diffusion of information related to the package of products or services offered by the account to reach more people. It is integrated into CRM, which is another program on the platform.

Zoho visit– Shows the number of customers and the interaction between them and the page.

Zoho survey: establishes statistics related to the efficiency of the account and the number of customers satisfied with the products.

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