How to Create a Free Custom Template for Google Sheets (Example)

If you are one of those users who already has practice with Google Docs, It is quite likely that you have already learned to use the calculation tool known as Google Sheets.

This tool is known for being, in a few words, the best spreadsheet you can use, since it comprises a interactive tool, which can be used collaboratively, as long as the author of the same allows it.

Has a database, which is in the cloud, so it allows all its users to create simple spreadsheets or even those that are highly complex, and have the option of being ordered in different ways.

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This tool has several important elements, which we want to explain to you in this post, since they are essential for the proper functioning and use of this tool.

What are the requirements to create a Google Sheets template?

The main thing in any case, is that we have a Google account, with which we can access the initial platform and thus be able to develop our project. Once we are inside the Web page, we can explore the different templates of the spreadsheet that you will find in the custom section.

Regardless of the tool with which you will work, this will not matter, due to the fact that you can always copy and paste their content in the place you need, as in the case of having to insert dates.

If, on the other hand, the template you are using is not initially from the media library, it is important that they are not loaded into the google drive unless you want them to be converted to Google’s default format.

Editing an existing template

If what you are looking for in this opportunity is the fact modify any of the templates, which are already available, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. To begin, start by opening any of the templates that are located within the Template Gallery in the Google Sheets app.
  2. Once there, you must start editing said template, with the sole purpose of adapting it to the needs of your project or task, including the use of drop-down menus.
  3. When you have finished editing, just use the ‘Enter / Return’ keys that are on the keyboard, in order to save the name that you have placed on it and that’s it. Now it will only be enough that you close the file and verify the place where you want it to be in order to finish the process.

How to add the new templates?

The process to add new templates to the platform is simple, and once it is done once, you will see that it will be simple to do as many times as you want, start with the following:

custom template sheets

  1. Start by navigating to template folder that you have created or added in previous steps, for which you can give them the name you want.
  2. Position yourself on the ‘New’ button and once there, press the option of ‘Google sheets’, which will create a new and empty file as for the empty spreadsheet
    This is the right place where you will copy the content of the template that you want for this special space.
  3. Then, proceed to open the custom template, which most recommended must have been created by the local application MS Office or Free Office.
  4. Once you are inside this spreadsheet, you just have to proceed to select the content that is inside the template simultaneously using the key combination Ctrl + A inside the keyboard.
  5. Likewise, then, you just have to proceed to copy the selected text by simultaneously typing Ctrl + C
  6. Go back one more time to the spreadsheet that you have recently created in Google and proceed to paste all the content that should be in your template in a personalized way simultaneously typing Ctrl + V.

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