How to Create a Good LinkedIn Company Profile

One of the most famous social networks today is LinkedIn, this excellent page where people create their profiles to search for jobs and job offers has been very useful and more currently due to the pandemic situation in which we live, but how is it done? if we are the ones who request employees and we need create a profile for our company on this Website.

What is LinkedIn?

This is not a conventional network where you can contact and talk with your friends, LinkedIn helps you find or apply for a job that is to your liking, interact with great businessmen and even be aware of what your favorite companies and brands do every day; But, if you are the one who is interested in looking for workers for your company, you should make a profile for your brand where it looks as professional and conspicuous as possible so that people apply for it.

By publishing a company on Linkedin, many benefits can be obtained, among which it is possible to obtain suppliers as well as clients who seek to supply companies; For these reasons, in this guide you will find the instructions necessary to display your business plus some tips to make it look interesting.

Why create a company profile on LinkedIn

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Linkedin is a platform like a social network where you can publish a professional profile, as if it were an online resume if you are looking for a job, or if you want to hire staff, this is the ideal place when looking for potential candidates, already You can choose from many profiles and you have the opportunity to find the most suitable for the job.

Have a personal or company profile on this page can bring many favorable changes to your professional life, since you can get a greater reach of users. create a professional LinkedIn company profile

Capturing potential customers

Linkedin is a platform that has become very popular in recent years, registering up to 200 million users around the world; By creating a profile on this platform, you can reach many more people, due to the traffic it has.

By offering your personal services or as a company in this medium, you have a fairly high probability of attracting interested people, in addition to ensuring the dissemination of your curriculum synthesis, since this is more effective and convenient than leaving ‘resumes’ personally .

Run recruitment

If you have your own company, using Linkedin can relieve you the staff recruitment process. By creating your account as a company, you can also create ads with job offers, as it is a platform with so much traffic of people, you will have more possibilities of receiving resumes that are according to what you are looking for for your business.

Or you can carefully search through the wide variety of profiles on the page if you don’t want to post a job advertisement.

Improve marketing

If you have your business account or you only created a personal account to offer your services, just the fact of being on Linkedin can generate a good Marketing both of your services, products or company in general.

If you create a sufficiently striking and professional profile, you will be able to reach many more people, gain diffusion and even attract potential clients or workers due to the high traffic of people, since we are talking about a page with around 200 million users around the world.

Steps to create a company page on LinkendIn

The first step that must be carried out is to have an active Linkedin profile, since from the active session itself it is possible to create the profile of the professional company, since said person will be the administrator of the business profile; In addition to this, in the profile of the person who is managing the company, it must be added that he or she belongs or works in said company.

Once inside the platform continue to product buttons that is on the right side of the me button and the profile photo, then a window is displayed which shows the option to create the business profile called company page, there it shows a form that asks for the name of the ad, the currency and ask for a hyperlink to a website or domain of the company without em

create company profile

However, this must be associated with Linkedin so it should not be the main page of the company.

One of the impediments to creating a business profile on this platform is that not everyone can carry out this process right off the bat, to create it. You must have a series of requirements to access this benefitIt is mainly that the professional profile of the person who will be in charge of managing the company through this website has a certain type of prestige or reputation, since the category of this must be between Intermediate or Stellar.

Continuing with the administrator of the web, it is recommended that it has multiple administrators, so that when the main administrator, the creator of the page, cannot be aware of it, it is other employees of the same company who can manage it, for this reason LinkedIn gives the option of having multiple administrators of the same company profile.

How to improve your LinkedIn profile

If you have a business account on the Linkedin platform, you must take into account a series of details that will make your page much more attractive, when you offer a service or speak through a brand, the cover letter that in this case would be your profile must have concise information, a good appearance and generate reliability, some of the aspects that you should take care of are:

Choose the right category for your business

As in any page of buying and selling services, if you have a company directed to a certain item in the market, the ideal would be that specify the category where you will publish the information about your business or personal services. For example, if I have a company dedicated to graphic design, in category I should select, design or social media.

Upload the company logo and place your motto

The logo of your company is a very important factor, if you have an aesthetic, minimalist logo and with a legible font this will be enough to attract attention to your company page, people are usually very visual so a nice logo will attract many visitsFurthermore, if we promote it with a good slogan that describes our business mission, this will generate even more traffic and therefore a greater probability of attracting customers.

Linkedln professional profile

Place the description and path

You must be quite precise when providing this information, make a brief description of what your company is, what you offer and the path it has taken along the way since it began. Are descriptions generate greater security in the client, since they get a more solid idea of ​​what you offer as a company.

Offer your products or services

It is important to add an annex with the products and services that you offer to the public, in this way you dispel the doubts that the client who is looking at your profile may haveIf, for example, you distribute cosmetics, the ideal would be to give a brief description of the product, payment method and delivery.

Provide social proof

If you have already been offering your services as a company or distributing products, to give more reliability Ideally, you would add customer testimonials who have hired your services, add comments about what they thought about purchasing your products and that’s it.

This generates more confidence to the potential buyer, since most of the time almost no one seeks to be the first to acquire a service or to prove that what is offered is so true.

Refresh your page frequently

Try to keep your company page updated, in terms of address, contact number, telephone numbers, products you offer and even customer testimonials, since a page that almost never updates its information tends to fall into oblivion over time. .

recruits with linkedln

How to Add and Remove Administrators on Your LinkedIn Company Page

We will start by explaining how to add an administrator to your business account on Linkedin, the first thing is to click on the icon of your profile at the top of the page, you go to the option ‘manage’ and select your company page, you go to the administrator tools tab and you select the option to ‘manage administrators’.

Here several options will be presented in terms of administration (designated administrator, advertiser and content creator) here you select the type of administrator you want to add and proceed to enter the name of the designated person, save changes and voila.

If, on the other hand, you want to delete an administrator, all you have to do is go to your profile icon and go to ‘administration’, click on the manage page button and go to the administrator tools, then click on manage administrators .

Finally, you locate the name of the administrator you want to delete in the list and now, you just click on the delete icon. When saving changes, this person will no longer appear as an administrator on your page.

How to create a professional profile on LinkedIn

Creating a profile on the Linkedin platform is very simple, just you must enter the page and go to the login tabWhen entering your data, you click on the option ‘join now’, once this is done you must complete your personal data and other details that you want to show in your profile.

You must bear in mind that maintaining a good presence on Linkedin is very important, remember that this is your cover letter for potential clients who visit your page, so you must generate a good impression.

improve marketing with linkedln

Fill in all your data

When you offer your services on the platform, or anywhere else, it is very important that you enter all your personal data correctly from your name, age, location, abilities and skills to your work experience.

This last aspect is very important, since any employer or potential client will want to know what roles you have played in the past, to get an idea about your skills. Try to sort your old jobs by date and position held.

Attach a professional photograph

This is the first thing users see when they enter any social network, make sure you show your best profile, be dressed appropriately and smile. You should also take into account factors such as lighting and background, since if you take the photo in a bad place this will give your professional profile a bad appearance.

Identify your keywords and place them throughout your profile

Keywords are those by which your Linkedin profile can be located in the search engineIdeally, these describe you as a professional, since they are generally used to mention qualities.

Once you have identified your keywords, the ideal would be to place them in the header of your profile, which is the space where in 120 characters you can write information about yourself, try to be punctual with this information and provide data that may be attractive to the potential employer. When you mention these qualities, do not forget to use the ‘hashtag’ example: I consider myself a #Responsible and #Efficient person.

Add other complementary materials

In addition to the description of your person and work experience, one way to make your Linkedin profile more reliable for potential clients is to describe a little of your career, courses or studies carried out, to highlight these.

It is also very important to have recommendations, work and personal references are very important when applying for a jobIf the prospective client or employer has an idea of ​​’who you are’ supplied by a third party outside of you or your family, it will make it easier for them to make a decision.

steps to create a linkedln profile

Customize your profile URL

Customizing your Linkedin URL can make the task of locating your profile easier With a simple search in the browser, you can usually edit them using your name as long as it has not already been used by someone else.

To edit it alone You must enter your profile and go to the option ‘edit URL’ here you finally edit the space on the right with the name you want to use, normally the URLs are usually ‘’. Finally you just save changes and voila.

Career path is extremely important aspectSince in it you summarize your journey through the labor market, if you have a service to offer, you must explain in which places or areas you have performed it.

This segment, depending on the order in which you take it, will speak very well of you as a professional and that is what we are looking for when applying for a job or offering our services to a more open market, remember that in this part you must specify ‘from where you come ‘and’ where do you want to go ‘.

How to Delete a Company Page on LinkedIn

If for some reason you no longer want your profile to continue to be displayed on the Linkedin platform, don’t worry, since you can delete it whenever you want and in a very simple way.

You just have to go to your profile and enter settings, you go to account preferences and in account management you select ‘close account’, proceed to select ‘continue’ and immediately a list of reasons why you are deleting your profile will appear, select the most appropriate and continue. To finish you just enter your password and voila, your account has been deleted.

professional company in linkedin create profile from your laptop

Profile details and management

Finally within the specifications, the creator must add a description of no less than 250 characters so that it can be published, as well as specify what type of company it is, if it is small (less than 200 employees) or if it is medium-large (more than 200 workers), product pages or banking institutions in addition to other simple questions of information about the business in question.

After having created the professional company profile you can start spreading the name of the company and to enter your web page you only have to log in to Linkedin as if it were any social network that is normally frequented.

After that, we proceed to fix the web page where you are place marketing details and in which the domain of graphic design is very important because the better the product looks the more attractive to the public it will be and the greater views and requests will be generated for the company, the rest of the work is to manage the social network of your company, making it advertising, propaganda and trying to get the public’s attention.

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