How to Create a Photomontage by Attaching Long Hair to My Photos Easily? (Example)

Today everyone wants to look different, this is because people in general are leaving behind past concepts that limited freedom of expression. With that in mind today you will see the answer to the question How to create a photo montage by placing long hair on my photos?

And it is that, with the limitations and increasingly weak social stigmas, the world of possibilities that has been opened for the photo editing is infinite. So people are starting to look for programs that help them see what they would look like if they changed their style completely, and that is precisely why this is today’s tutorial.

What programs are used to make a photo montage of hair?

If you want to quickly answer the question How to create a photo montage by placing long hair on my photos?, you have to know what kind of programs you can work with to achieve your goal. Actually, any photo editor works, you can use Photoshop to make photomontages, or Paint itself if you wish, since in these you will only have to cut and paste your face on top of someone else with long hair.

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You can even change the hair color in Photoshop once the photomontage is done, the use of different programs can give you a fascinating result, being satisfied with the result.

However, in case you want something easier and that takes less work, you can try using free pages on the internet, which offer you a template in which to place your photo. These are incredibly easy to use and do not require any prior installation or download third-party programs. All you have to do is Google them and click on the corresponding links.

Keep in mind, these are not official programs from a famous company. They are simply the inventions of rather ingenious programmers who want to help others, so you should not expect anything fancy.

straight hair boy

Despite that, these work 100% and are the cheapest and easiest option to use. The best out there are: Photoeffects and Pixiz. Those are the ones that will be briefly explained for you, because they are the first on the web and the most used by everyone (newbies of course).

How to create a photo montage by placing long hair on my photos?

Now that you know which are the best pages that you can find for free, it is time for you to learn how to use them, in order to answer the question How to create a photo montage by placing long hair on my photos?

First go to the Photo Effects page, I the Pixiz. If you want to use the first one, you just have to enter, and once there, you must locate a design that you like. For that you can go down with the mouse, or press the button «Categories:”Located in the upper right corner.

Regardless of what you do, when you already have the photo of the hairstyle that you like (there are many designs of different colors and variations), click on it. This will take you to another section where you can press the button «Choose photo».

girl with brown hair with purple background

This will open a search box on your computer, where you should select the photo you like. At the end of this process, the photo will be loaded automatically, thus creating a montage. Finally, you can download the photo or share it on a social network.

In case you want use Pixiz The process will be the same, only instead of choosing a photo, you must click on the «Select photo» button and then look for one from your computer.

With that, the question for how to create a photo montage by placing long hair on photosNow you just have to go to any of these pages and start your personal edition. At the end of all the processes, you could convert your image in Photoshop at 300 dpi. to give it a higher quality.

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