How to Create a Professional Poster with PowerPoint Easily? (Example)

Believe it or not, making a professional poster with PowerPoint can be quite a simple task, you just need to know the right tools. In view of how useful this skill can be, we explain you quickly and easily how to do it.

What do you need to make a professional poster with PowerPoint?

The ideal is to start from scratch so that the poster has exactly the desired characteristics, especially in proportion. The first thing you need to do is create a new sheet in PowerPoint, to do this, open the program and create a blank slide.

Now, you must go to the design tab and readjust the size of the slide to what you want for your poster, these are generally vertical. Although when building it from scratch, the shape can be chosen easily and fulfilling your taste.

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We should mention that PowerPoint also offers some pre-assembled options, you can use them if you want. Well, now it only remains to design your poster, for this, the ideal is to make a sketch on paper that will serve as a guide.

For the design, keep in mind that a poster tends to attract attention for its infographic and not so much for the content or the text. This does not mean that it should not carry text, but yes, that the included text must be concrete and very specific to what you want.

Designs such as color gradients or solid colors are an ideal base for a poster, remember that they should highlight the central image. Keep in mind that these are most likely printed, so don’t go over the edges.

logo powerpoint orange background

Imagination and your sketch will be your main guides, so do not ignore them, be careful with excesses and avoid overloading the poster. Consider that many times the posters should attract attention from afar, therefore, it will be necessary to give them something representative.

What elements are necessary to make a professional poster with PowerPoint?

The fact of using this digital tool for this purpose is given because PowerPoint is an application with high compatibility. This makes it easy to use designs from other applications and create with elements from different sources and formats.

A professional poster with PowerPoint can look great, banners and advertisements look great too. This application adds the possibility of using digital rules that they facilitate homogeneity and symmetry.

By far, almost anything you need can be used in PowerPoint, with the possibility of importing as a video, you can give it a little life by animating a character, making a text disappear and appear or also animate text or a word. Always remember that the design is not only in the application, but in the way the designer uses it.

Tips for making a professional poster with PowerPoint

First of all, it is necessary to say that the tools that PowerPoint puts in your hands are very useful. We can start by saying that the ideal is that you import the final result in .PNG Thus, you can expand its size without risk of damage.

On the other hand, an important tip is not to save the final result and delete the PowerPoint file, it may always be necessary to do some retouching. Also note that it is best to do this so that the elements are part of the file and you can edit them on any device.

create power point poster

Although it is currently possible to use PowerPoint on mobile devices, when designing we recommend that you use a computer. In case you don’t have one, you can use a tablet, which facilitates the visualization and the work of designing the elements.

Finally, take into consideration that each of the tools that PowerPoint lends you can be very useful. Use the rules and try to create the elements with specific shapes, keep in mind that the use will be very personal.

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