How to Create a Signature for Posts with an Image as a Hyperlink

A personal and quality signature for your mail will improve your image at a professional level, in addition, an image to the hyperlink will make you more qualified. We will explain to you, in what practical way you can insert an image to the hyperlink of your mail so that it looks professional and elegant. We will explain the process for Outlook Express and Gmail. You can also see adding logos to your mail to use as a personal signature.

Step by step to put image signature to hyperlink in Outlook

To do this is Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account in Outlook.
  2. Create a new email and press «open a new message», which will be a blank file.
  3. Click on the «View» option then on the mode «Edit Source» and so you can see the source code of the email.
  4. Click on the tab at the bottom of the message that says «Source» and you can view the code.
  5. Enter «Tags» and put the HTML code of the image and the hyperlink, the «URL» is the address and «My image» the file.
  6. Click on the option «Edit», to observe the changes you made before and thus you would be seeing the image of the hyperlink that you inserted.Web address
  7. Go back to the «Source» option and there copy the content to the clipboard.
  8. Paste the material into a new HTML file and save this file to protect it with an HTML extension.
  9. In the main Outlook Express viewer, press the mode «Tools» turn «Options», then «Signature».
  10. Click «New» to create a groundbreaking signature and select the new signature.
  11. Go to the option «Edit Signature» and price on the «File» mode.
  12. Press the option «Browse» and browse to the folder where the HTML content is located and click «Open and» OK.
  13. Enter «Create Email» to make a new email.
  14. Go to the messages menu, click on the mode «Insert Signature» and the signature with the image you created should appear shortly.

You can also add your image with hyperlinks by modifying the pre-made templates that this email has.

Hyperlink your image Gmail

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In Gmail the process is similar, although we recommend that you first update your mail to the latest version so that each option is the same as the ones presented below.

  • Open your Gmail and go to Settings Labs, and select the insert image option and click «Enable».
  • Then press the mode «Standard responses» and select the enable option again, so the changes will be saved correctly.
  • Go to the «Compose» option where you can create your signature by writing your personal data, and at the same time select insert image. There they will tell you if you want to take the image from your computer or from your web URL address.
  • Press the «Accept» option to complete your signature setup.
  • To confirm that the information is saved correctly, select the mode «Standard Answers», «New Preview Response», and I put in a new preview response name.Gmail inbox
  • Press the «accept» option, and from that moment on you will be able to add a previewed standard reply to your emails.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to have a image in the hyperlink of your email, be it Gmail or Hotmail in an easy and practical way.

Due to the professionalism that a signature of this type gives to your company, you should also create a corporate email in Gmail. This way, your company will benefit from all the extra functions that this type of email adds.

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