How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account for Business? – Step by Step Guide

We are living in an era where digital is a trend and having an online tool that allows you to have in your hands a link with your clients easily and quickly is necessary for the development of your business or enterprise already created.

WhatsApp Business is a download application Completely free and available for Android and iPhone, so to get it you only have to have a smartphone, not necessarily high-end. This application has been specially developed for small and medium businesses.

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WhatsApp Business guarantees and facilitates interactions with customers, since it offers tools to optimize, organize, synchronize profile photos and have quick and concrete responses to the messages that your customers can send about questions about your content, product to offer.

How does it work and what is it for?

It is designed and works the same as WhatsApp, that is, it has the same main tools, only a few quick handling options have been added to be efficient in its use. Tools like default message buttons as «received».

So you should not worry about learning to use it from scratch, if you are a user of the original WhatsApp this will be easy for you to master.

You can use it to keep doing all the things you already do with the original WhatsApp like sending messages and photos, however, we will give you a small list of some of the functions that this new application has for you:

  • Company profile to show your potential clients all the most important information, such as your address, email, other places where they can see your products and website.
  • Statistics that can allow you to have a percentage for see how many messages were sent, delivered and read successfully, that is, it will help you optimize your communication work.
  • As we have mentioned before, it also provides you with instant messaging tools to respond quickly and forcefully to your customers. They can be messages of absence or welcome

You can even categorize messages by tags, In other words, the application allows users to be classified with labels, something that will be very useful to keep track of your recruitment process.

You can create a product catalog so this allows you to upload the products of your store directly in a link to your WhatsApp, thus boosting e-commerce.

How to install WhatsApp Business?

Installing WhatsApp Business is easy and fast. If you are already a WhatsApp user then you will be familiar with this process, since you will have to do the same steps to download the app.

You will have to download the app from Google play, if you are an Android user or from the App Store for Apple users. Enter your download store on your mobile device and enter «WhatsApp Business» in the search engine. Download the app and once this is done the application will be installed and you will have to configure it on your device.

Mobile with the WhatApp application

After these simple steps you should take into account that you need a unique number for this applicationIf you are already a WhatsApp user and you do not have a separate number, you must change your personal number to business, taking into account that after this you will not be able to change it back to personal.

Once these steps are done you will be able to enjoy all the exclusive tools that this app offers you.

How can WhatsApp Business benefit my company?

We all know that the first key point to grow your company is generate loyal and caring customers to what you want to offer them, so being communicated is the basis for your company to position itself in the market, apart from the excellent quality that you can offer in your products or services.

This app makes it easy for you to consolidate ties between you and your customers, as well as allowing you measure the reach of all messages that you send, it will also allow you to take your digital content directly and with the intention of obtaining an almost immediate response.

It can greatly benefit you to download and learn how to use this app correctly. It is recommended to all those small and large companies who want to invest in virtual and direct communication, without letting it pass that this will lead to the fact that you can increase the sale of all your products.

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