How to Create a WiFi Access Point with Ubuntu Linux – Quick and Easy

On some occasions it may be that you need to have or give access to the internet from your computer to other computers, or perform a wifi access point to be able to connect to the internet. Like you, other people do it with the purpose of being able to carry out their work, research, download information or videos easily and quickly.

But what are the differences between a router, modem and WiFi access point, or what is WiFi? It is a technological instrument that allows you to connect wirelessly in a computer and electronic way, which without using cables can link different equipment so that there is an exchange of information.

The term Wifi or Wi-Fi It is derived from the abbreviations of English origin of the brand Wireless Fidelity which in Spanish means fidelity without cables. Wifi transmits electromagnetic waves for its signal. For your Wifi to work it must be connected to a router or router with an antenna to transmit the signal at a greater range.

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With Wifi you can make your internet connection either over short or long distances, in a residential complex, building, houses, small or large companies. In this way you have the possibility through this connection that several users can connect to the internet in a multiple way, whether it is free or paid.

It is important to mention that if the equipment is close to the connection, more strong and fast it will be your internet signal.

There are different types of Wi-Fi, such as: 2.4 GHz band with a connection speed of 11Mbit / s to 300Mbit / s. This is used to anchor with various wireless systems and with Bluetooh; and the 5GHz Band with IEEE 802.11ac standard.

But for you to be able to enjoy this service, you must have an access point that is nothing more than a mechanism that allows you to create a local wireless network that you can connect to a switch, router, through a cable in a selected environment or you can configure the router as a wireless modem.

Access points are preferred by companies since they accept about 60 connections at a time per device without any type of obstacle or interruption. The connections can be made regardless of whether your computer has a proprietary operating system (Windows) or a free operating system (Linux). This operating system has numerous distributions including Ubuntu.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu, a popular Debian-based Linux distribution for desktop whose name was chosen by the company Canonical LTD. This Ubuntu name comes from the zulu tribe which means: humanity towards us.

This Linux distribution was created with the purpose that the user can make installations or downloads easily, in open source and under the freedom of license, for free.

Ubuntu offers you some no component numbers such as web browser, messenger, photo editor and manager, file manager, music player. It offers its services in more than 130 languages, which is why many people use it.

This operating system gives you the opportunity that if you have any idea of ​​future innovation, complaint or suggestion you can feel free to do so, you just have to click on its official site and express yourself.

How Can You Create A WiFi Access Point With Ubuntu Linux – Quick And Easy On Your Computer?

black router with blue status lights

You can create a Wi-Fi access point in Windows or if you are going to make your access point for Ubuntu 14.04 you can use the KDE Network Connection Manager program and follow the following steps:

Step 1

Install the command sudo apt-get install plasma –nm on your computer and once this command is installed, then run the kde-nm-connection-editor command. Click on the Add-> Wireless Shared and so you can make your own Wi-Fi access point.

Step 2

Then you will see that a window appears in which you can change or configure parameters such as password and security, the network, among others.

Step 3

On Ubuntu network you click and choose to connect to a hidden network and you will see another window where the network you created appears, now select it.

Step 4

Visualize your successful connection, look for the network you created and compare if it appears on another computer and do the test to see if you connect. Now you can enjoy your Wifi access point on your computer with Ubuntu quickly, easily and simply. In addition, Ubuntu offers you new versions that you can enjoy online. And if the connection fails you can investigate on how to improve the speed of the Wifi and accelerate the internet.

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