How to Create Advertising to Promote Schools and Universities to Attract Students

If you run a college or a university, surely you feel uneasy every time a new academic year is about to begin because you don’t know if you will fill out the registration fees; thinking about that situation this post will show you how to create advertising to promote schools and universities to attract students.

Goals that you must define before starting an advertising strategy

  • Define the student population that you want to attract. To carry out a successful advertising campaign, you must be clear about the profile of the student you plan to attract.
  • Create a educational program for the school or university that includes sports, events, cultural activities, music, library, among others.
  • Analyze your competition; If you have some colleges or universities near the institution, analyze what are their strengths and weaknesses to create a good advertising strategy.
  • Start advertising on time. It is a mistake to start an advertising campaign one month before the beginning of the academic year; to be successful you must start about 6 months before the opening date.

Events, guided tours and orientation conferences

Organize within the college or university some type of event, visit or conference, this has the objective of connect the student and their parents with the institution. That interest that you generate in these events should make it grow through social networks and the website.

Design a website

Many parents go to the Internet in search of information about the best schools in the area, and most young people use the Internet to find information about the best universities; therefore it is important to create a web page so that the academic institution is visible in search engines.

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group of students with their teacher learning computer science

On this page you must place the contact information, photos of the institution, students and teachers, the educational programs offered by the school or university, costs and promotions, videos with testimonies from students and parents. Show on your website why your college or university is better than other institutions.

Use Google Ads

As the most popular browser is Google, it uses its Google Ads (Adwords) ad program in specific seasons, so that parents or future college students can see the announcement of your institution while searching for universities or colleges on the internet.

Social networks

Social networks are the best tool for advertising, because many people use networks like Facebook and Instagram not only to follow artists, but to search for products, courses, colleges and even universities; In addition, you will reach young people who are soon to go to university faster.

Create an account at Instagram and Facebook to promote the school or university. In these networks you can upload content frequently, such as your study plan, photos of the facilities, students, teachers, offers discounts or extra bonuses in tuition or monthly, remember a good offer attracts customers. Don’t forget to include videos with the experiences of other students or parents.

Virtual visits

Currently the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality is very popular among young people; If your budget allows it, you can take virtual tours to show parents and potential students what the university or school facilities are like. Take the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the more attractive and comfortable areas of the institution.

two young people searching the internet for universities

It is true that photos help, but feeling that they go through each of the areas of the institution will give the visitor an idea of ​​what they can experience within the institution; also this technology will achieve activate the deepest emotions of young people and parents towards the institution.


Many people think that offers and promotions do not apply to the educational system, but it is a mistake to think this way, since many parents and young people want to enjoy a good education at a price they can afford; that’s why offer discounts on registration or monthly payment or even have the option of scholarships will help you attract students.

To undertake a successful advertising strategy, whether for your college or university, you need time, budget and the accessory of a professional in some fields; never forget to use technology and social networks to reach the largest number of people.

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