How to Create an Account and Login to Valorant – Account Information

The video game from the gigantic company Riot Games; Valorant has had a huge impact on the world of first person shooter (FPS) style games. Being free of charge, since no one has to add a monetary cost to play it, it was announced for the year 2019, having as its first name «Project A». Just under a year later, the name by which he is known worldwide today was officially revealed.

It unfolds in an environment where technology and humans are extraordinary and full of gifts and abilities never before seen on earth. The player embodies the role of a agent known in the game as Radiant, being this an agent full of impressive powers that will give him a key performance on the battlefield.

Today there are fourteen agents you can play with and exploit their potential. Each with skills that make him unique from the others, do your best against other players in this frenetic online game. Stand out from other people by learning to use your favorite characters perfectly. Getting started in this game is a simple task; In this article, we will review how to create your own account and log in to this multiplayer shooter.

Learn how to create your own Valorant account.

If you are willing to enter the vast and competitive world that Valorant offers, but you don’t know how to create your account, don’t worry. Next we will review the steps you must complete to reach the goal.

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  1. First, you will have to create your Riot account. You can do it from the Valorant page. Go to the red button that suggests «play for free». A sale will open and on the left, click the button Create an account.
  2. By doing this, you will open a new window where you will have to put your personal data. All your information is classified and will be used only so that you can have your own nickname in the game, in addition to having your own information to log in.
  3. Choose your username and password; make sure the latter is safe. Never give your password to anyone, as Valorant will never ask you to give it to them unless you are going to log in.
  4. When you have your account already created, proceed to log in with your username and password of choice. Proceed to the same button as the beginning (play free), select the button to the right of I already have a Riot account. Put your data and press enter.
  5. Download the game on the page you were directed to. An installer will download and install the game on your computer.

!! Congratulations!! you already have your own Riot games account, with which you can log into any of their games, including Valorant.

What minimum requirements must my PC have to play Valorant?

In order to perform well in this game and not stand in the way of Valorant’s glory, your computer must meet a number of minimum requirements to be able to play in complete comfort.

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Minimum requirements to play Valorant (30fps)

  • You’re going to need at least an Intel Core i3 processor to play at this performance.
  • A RAM of about 4GB, accompanied by an Intel HD 300 graphics card.
  • Windows 7 operating system onwards, preferably 64-bit.

If you do not have these minimum requirements, you may experience serious performance problems in the game, so you will not be able to play quietly at any time. You can always update your equipment over time, cheer up! With higher requirements, you can play at the highest resolution of the game at 60+ fps.

Where can I play Valorant from?

This 5vs5 online shooter can be played from virtually anywhere in the world. It has exclusive servers for the regions of North America, Latin America, Oceania, Japan, Korea and Europe.

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As long as you have an internet connection and the game installed, you will be able to access the Valorant servers without any problem. It should even be noted that the founding company of Valorant created a system called Riot Direct, where they claim that more than half of Valorant players on average play at a latency of 35ms, something without a doubt impressive.

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