How to Create an AD-HOC Network on Windows or Linux – Step by Step Guide

If you want to share data and files quickly or share internet connection with your friends, having an AD-HOC network is the best alternative to typical routers or wired, since it provides you with a wireless network at no cost and very easy to use.

Here We will easily teach you how you can create and configure an AD-HOC network On your Windows 10 or Linux PC, we are sure that after learning about this wireless network, you will end up using it constantly.

Basic characteristics of an AD-HOC Network and what they are for

One of the main characteristics of an AD-HOC network is that it is not necessary to have access to a Wi-Fi router, since one computer can be connected directly to another and create a private connection in which two or more teams can stay as long as they are close enough to each other.

functionalities of a mobile network

AD-HOC networks mainly facilitate the sharing of files of any type between computers connected to the network, although perhaps the transmission speed is not the best and in the same way it has the advantage of sharing the Internet connection. Its character is of temporary connection, the operation stops if the creator of the network disconnects from the network.

Laptops can be connected to an AD-HOC network as long as the adapter cards are configured properly.

What are the requirements to create an AD HOC network from a PC?

In order to create our own AD-HOC network, we must have a suitable operating systemDon’t worry, since you don’t need the latest version of Windows, if your computer works with Windows XP this will be enough to create the network. The network card should also support this procedure, the one integrated into your computer is sufficient in this case. In addition, the teams that are going to make this type of connection through the Ad-Hoc network must remain close, at a distance no greater than 9 meters, if possible without walls in between.

Devices and components needed to make an AD HOC network

The components that we need to be able to create our own AD-HOC network are not complicated to obtain, below we will mention them and explain them one by one:

The first component that we are going to need is a network interface card, since it is like any network, you need each node involved to have its own cards in order to access network support. In the case of wireless networks, you will need wireless network cards to be able to connect with others through the Ad-hoc network.

Obviously we will also need more than one computer or mobile device, which we will later call ‘Network node’. Finally, we will need shared resources, which in itself is the purpose of creating the AD-HOC network, these resources that we can use between several computers can be tools such as a scanner or printer.

  AD-HOC network on Windows or Linux

Steps to create a secure AD HOC Network from scratch (Windows and Linux)

If you want to create an Ad-Hoc network for Windows, you must enter the control panel, then go to ‘network center’ and ‘shared resources’. Then you proceed to click on ‘Set up a new network connection’. After this select ‘configure a computer-to-computer wireless ad hoc network’ In a pop-up window we will see information about the Ad-Hoc networks, then we will go to the network configuration.

This configuration will consist of the name of the network, the privacy configuration that we want to give it, although a password is not necessary due to the short range that the networks have, once the configurations are finished, just click on ‘create network’ and that’s it. This is the procedure in Windows.

In the case of Linux the procedure is just as simple, the first step is to connect to the wifi, proceeding to connect the wireless network card to the USB of the computer, we can see that in ‘Gnome network manager’ our wireless card appeared. In the menu of ‘Gnome network manager’ we will click on the tab ‘create a new wireless network’ and finally in a pop-up window the configurations of our network will appear, where we define the name of the network, the key and security, the last step is to click on create and voila, we will have our Ad-Hoc network.

How to create and configure an AD-HOC Network in Windows 10

We know that after upgrading to Windows 10 many users found it difficult to create an AD-HOC network, because it was no longer as easy as it was in previous versions of Windows.

To create this wireless network, it is necessary to use the command bar of our Windows 10, just follow these steps to do it:

  • Press the menu key Windows plus R, that is, «⊞ + r»
  • It will open a dialog window called «Run» in the bar that says «open» type «cmd»
  • Then press «OK» and immediately after that action, you will see the command bar of your Windows 10

woman working on her gray laptop

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Now you must place special commands to create the AD-HOC network and do not worry, we will tell you which ones to place, just try to write them exactly as we will show it to you then, since the slightest bit of hair will cause an error when creating the network.

  • Place this command on the bar that is flashing on your screen: «netsh wlan show drivers«(Do not place it with quotes) then press» Enter «
  • Enter «netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Other name key = 1234567890», in that command look for the code «ssid =» you will delete the name that is by default and you will place the one you want your AD-HOC network to have and in «Key =» enter the password you want to put on your network, press «Enter»
  • Finally write this command «netsh wlan start hostednetwork», it is the one that will save the changes

To check that you created the network successfully, go to the area to connect networks where you usually see if you are connected to Wi-Fi, look for the name that you put to the AD-HOC network, click on it, place the key and you should already connect without problems.

An important piece of information is that if when placing the second command («netsh wlan show drivers») an error occurred preventing you from creating the network, it may be because your system was not up to date, to solve this follow these steps:

  • Go to Windows start and right click your mouse
  • In the list of options press «Device Manager> network adapters»
  • Then right click on the «Wifi Adapter» function and you will press «Update driver software»

create AD-HOC Network on Windows or Linux

After that, you can proceed to place the other commands without any problem. With the HAC-DOC network created in our Windows 10, we can go on to create it in Linux.

How to create and configure an AD-HOC Network in Linux

Linux is a free and open software operating system, that is to say, that all its functionalities are completely modifiable and since it does not belong to a company itself like Windows, it is free, becoming a favorite among other software such as Mac for its security and easy use, here we will take advantage of those unique characteristics to create a network AD-HOC and make it work as a hotspot.

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi of your router
  • Then connect the wireless network card to the USB of our computer we will see that in «Gnome network manager» o «Wicd» appears the new wireless card that we just connected
  • Now in the menu of the «Gnome network manager» click on the option «Create a new wireless network»
  • A dialog window will appear where we will configure the characteristics of our network to our liking, such as the name of the network, password, wireless adapter and wireless security.
  • Now You just have to press «Create» and our network will be ready. To verify that it was created successfully, go to the «Gnome network manager» icon and the name of the AD-HOC network that we created earlier should appear in the menu.

We hope these steps will help you., on our page you will always find content about the characteristics and unique functions of the wireless networks and other software.

how an AD-HOC Network works in Windows or Linux

Install network cards

This step is super important, if our computers do not have the cards installed, this will make communication impossible of equipment via radio waves.

IP address configuration

To carry out this procedure we only enter the control panel, we look for the option of ‘network connections’ and in this option we will see all the NICs and in the corresponding one we will right click.

LAN network creation

Once we reach this step, a pop-up window will appear in whose menu we must find the option ‘properties’ then we locate ‘application’ and choose ‘wireless networks’ we add the ad-hoc network and click on ‘accept’ to save.

Choosing the name and creating IP addresses on the network

To create the name that we want to have on the network, we choose the SSID. When we do this, a pop-up window appears that asks us if we want to connect to the network, for the moment we will say no and look for the option ‘network authentication’ we choose data encryption and activate the option ‘This is a computer-to-computer Ad-Hoc network. Wireless access points are not used ‘we click on accept and proceed to create the IP.

What is an AD-HOC Network on Windows or Linux

Here we generate different IP for each member that we include in the network, we activate the option ‘use Windows to establish my wireless network configuration’, we locate the name that we gave to the network and click on ‘general’ and to create the IP manually we only select ‘use the following IP address’, we write the IP address and finally we choose the option ‘use the following DNS addresses’.

Network connection

This is the last step, connecting to our new Ad-Hoc network. We must locate ourselves in the task bar and right click on the wireless network, selecting the option ‘see all’, we choose the network we create and connect.

Programs to create AD HOC networks in Windows 10

If you want to create an AD-HOC network from your computer with Windows 10 operating system, in this article we present an alternative program to achieve the goal easily and quickly:

RedAdHoc It is one of the ideal alternatives, from this program that you can download for free, you will have the tool with which you can share an internet connection with the rest of your devices without having a Wi-Fi.

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Is it possible to connect a cell phone to an AD HOC network? – How to do it

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ‘legally’ connect your mobile device with Android operating system to an Ad-Hoc wireless network. Given that this operating system is not supported by default with wireless networks offered by Windows or Linux.

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