How to Create an Application or App of Movies and Series Equal to Netflix Using Appcreator24

With movie apps like Netflix, a cell phone with a good screen, a pair of headphones and lying down on your bed you can ensure a pleasant movie evening. But even so, it is understandable that not everyone can have immediate access to these apps for one reason or another. There may even be some who do not prefer it.

Isn’t it interesting to be able to customize those movie apps with your own tastes? So that you have them on hand and even share them with friends. Well that is possible, because you can do your own movie app! And you don’t need to be an expert programmer to be one, not even a programmer, anyone can do it!

How do I use Appcreator24?

Appcreator24 is one of the most popular pages to create your own Android apps. The page is online and the you can visit by PC or by your own cell phone directly. When entering, you must register an account, do this quick process and you can use it.

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The interface is too simple to understand. Once we have entered, click on the button «new app». This will take you to a window where you will fill in the basic data of the app. Give it a name, choose an icon and add a description of your app.

You can upload your own custom icon or choose from several presets. The next step is to choose background colors and style. Then, to design a movie app, you must choose the option «access to web page» as the type of app. T

They will ask for the name of your website and its address. This is unnecessary and you can delete it later, but you have to do it this time just to advance to the next step. So put a page and name at random and don’t worry about it.

application to watch movies on tablet

After completing the first four steps, you can manage the app. The page shows us the options very clearly in the left column. You can freely change general data, edit the design and colors, icons and description and add the privacy policy.

The latter is important, just click on the link that is under «policy and privacy» copy the text that the page shows you and paste it in the text bar under the link.

How do I add the sections to my app?

In the left column, select «Sections.» Then, you will be asked to choose what type of section to do, select the option «cards». Fill in the data such as the section name and colors. Then, where it says cards, click on the «create» button and select «Content card».

This is how you are going to create the categories of the movies. In the «General» part, choose the background color. In the «content» part choose the title and subtitle of your category. For example «Animation». And finally the final part that says «description» is where you will add each movie.

Write the title of the movie, upload a small image of the movie poster and, finally, where it says «link» from selecting the option «open web» and that’s where you’ll paste the link to the movie.

Where do I get the movies to put in my app?

The idea is that you paste movie links there copyright free online in a cloud storage. The most recommended and comfortable thing is that you look for them to be from clouds like Google Drive. Do not put movie links that they are pages that infringe the copyrights, because they are prone to that the films are erased by copyright.

Movies from the cell phone with an app similar to netflix

Once you put the link and everything else click on «create» And open created a little button of the movie that when you click it, it will open automatically and you will be able to see it! With this process you are going to build and fill the categories. Select how many columns of movies are going to be and go adding one by one.

You can create as many sections and categories as you want and the process is the same. This requires a lot of creativity and It depends on you how beautiful the page will look. But you will already have your own app to enjoy personalized movies!

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