How to Create an Assignment and Exam Form in Google Classroom with Time

The technology has begun to be implemented in areas that have never been considered before, including education, where Google Classroom has decided to be part of improving student responsiveness. In it you can use it to view classes in student mode, or teach them as a teacher.

Due to the serious pandemic that the population has begun to suffer since the end of 2019, academic institutions have achieved design new strategies to improve study plans, and thus avoid wasting time.

Thanks to these strategies, very popular programs have been adopted as the new informative transmitters, where this space is also included for facilitate the delivery of assignments.

In case you are a teacher who discovers this educational system for the first time, you should know that you have come to the right place to assign this useful tool to your students.

How does Google Classroom work?

Despite being a study platform announced and published since 2014, this system is part of the “Educational Suite” of this company, which bears similarities with Google Tables, ready to improve academic service through the web.

To achieve this objective, it is responsible for reducing the use of papers, to replace them with tasks and evaluations that can be carried out and requested online.

google classroom platform how it works

In this way, and through its virtual classrooms, it allows the creation of the communication link between teachers, students and representatives, facilitating your connection through the possession of a Google account.

Study methodology

Google Classroom has an application and a page available 24 hours a day, as a platform that allows you to create a study classroom, where tasks and evaluations of different types can be assigned, such as text or multimedia content.

Since Google is an internationally known space, it also has the adaptation of more than thirty languages ​​and the receptivity in various technological equipment.

Within such devices, each student can create a shortcut within the browser, bookmark the page, or place it on the home screen to achieve quickly access the page, and not lose the content or delivery of an evaluation activity.

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Finally, its interface is divided into tabs, which cover elements such as the people who are part of the classroom, the assignment board, class work and the grades that are published by the teacher.

Google Classroom benefits

This platform has many virtues, which play in favor of both elements that make up a classroom: the student and the teacher.

Serving as an informative medium and facilitator of evaluative content, it also ensures to improve the experience of each teacher within the different assignments carried out.

A clear example of this is the possibility of privatize internet gateway during the presentation of forms, import grades, assignment of tasks, among others.

Learn how to create an assignments and tests form with Google Classroom

As mentioned above, to be part of this platform just have a Google account, so after logging in it will be necessary to create a form using the class assignments.

Clicking on “Task with questionnaire” will open a small box of basic settings for an exam, which include title, assigned audience, score, deadline date and time.

forms homework exams google classroom

Similarly, you can choose to block internet browsing through “Chromebook blocking mode”, and even the possibility of importing the grades to make a backup within Drive or your computer.

Once the adjustments are completed, the “Form” must be opened through the attached file icon, where you can edit the evaluation, along with the questions, answers and scores.

At the end, you just have to close the window and go back to the previous exam configuration window, to determine if such assignment should be published automatically, saved as a draft or scheduled for a specific time and date.

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Design a quiz via Google Classroom It is much easier than it seems, so you can alleviate exhausting hours of reading, in turn facilitating the attendance and achievement of your students.

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