How to Create an Email Signature in AIM or AOL Mail Easily? (Example)

Keep and promoting one’s identity is essential on the internet and the mail signature in AOL is excellent in this regard. Feel free to create an AOL Mail email account and start sending emails with your signature. It is not just about placing a name, it is about transmitting who you are and what you are looking for, about connecting with your interlocutor, this can be done even by having a signature with an image as a hyperlink.

To know how to do it in the AOL messaging services and AIM you just have to keep reading.

Create an email signature in AOL

Like many other messaging services, AOL and AIM allow you to manage signatures that can appear in each and every one of your communications. This will save you time as you only have to do it once and it will be added automatically later.

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Achieving this is relatively easy but its location can be a bit tricky, so you just have to follow these steps as detailed below.

How many users use untranslated accounts of this US platform, the names in English and Spanish will be used for each case. This in order to achieve a better understanding and avoid confusion.

First Step: Login to your account

The first thing you should do is access your account AOL providing the username and the respective password. If it is already active, just enter the main page.

Second step: Open the options menu

This is located on the right side of the window, with the word «Options» or «Options», you must click on this menu.

AOL email signature

When clicking, a list will be displayed from which you must select «Email settings”Or“ Mail options ”and selecting it will open another window.

Third step: Composition

Now you must select the third option among those shown on the left side, called “Compose” or “Composition”. With this you will display a series of configuration options.

Step Four: Rich Text

This can be the most confusing step, but don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. You just have to go to the third section and enable the «Use Rich Text and HTML Editing» box. This too It will allow you to edit your email signature in AOL with greater freedom.

Step Five: Enable Signature

Just below the line mentioned in the previous step is the option «Signature» or «Signature» where you can disable or enable this. By default the option «No Signature» or «Without signature» is selected, so you must click to choose the other option.

Step Six: Prepare your signature

Just by clicking and selecting the second option («Use Signature» or «Use Signature») other configuration options will appear. These are text boxes with an edit bar.

In the first you must place your signature and with the second you can edit them as you wish. You can also add images or even a hyperlink to it.

AIM or AOL mail

With your signature ready, you just have to accept and save the changes by closing the window used. If you later wish to disable your signature You just have to repeat these steps and choose the option «No signature» or «No signature».

Some tips for your email signature on AOL

Be concise, don’t use more than 4-5 lines. After all, it is not about creating a second email but about leaving a few final words. In addition, the simpler a signature is, the greater its impact on memory.

Identify yourself. That is to say, make sure that all the necessary data of your company or of you are found. In particular, contact information is essential for future communications. Another tip, in case you don’t like the AOL interface, is that you can make certain adjustments to receive and send AOL emails from Outlook.

Promote yourself. Or, put another way, don’t forget that your AOL email signature is your last chance to make a mark with your writing. You can use an interesting phrase, mention an initiative that you carry out or make a call to action. In any case, the most important thing is that you take advantage of your creativity and that your signature is a faithful reflection of what you want to convey to your readers.

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