How to Create and Print Double-Sided Documents in Word Easily

Word is a program that allows you to create documents of all kinds and in them you can include not just text, also insert images, shapes, graphics, tables, etc. But there are some documents in particles such as brochures or newsletters where it is necessary to write double-sided content. And this tutorial will teach you what you should do to create and print double-sided documents in Word easily.

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Many users who use this tool do not know how to create double-sided documents, much less how to print them. In the case of creating double-sided documents, the application offers you twice as much space on the sheet as it would on a normal sheet. But don’t worry, in this article we are going to show you what you should do step by step.

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For you to learn how to easily create and print double-sided documents in Word You just have to follow the instructions that we detail here. It is very simple and it will not take you long to learn and it will work very well to print other double-sided documents and it does not turn out the other way around.

How to create and print double-sided documents in Word

In principle we are going to teach you how to create a double-sided document and then we will show you how these types of documents are printed. And to begin we go to the application and open a new document. As you know, it will show you a single blank sheet or page on the screen and now write the text and make the relevant settings.

How to choose the type of font, size, color, margins, if you must insert images, do so and for this use the tab Insert, where you can include multiple images in the document.

Keep doing this until you complete all the work. The next step is to add a new sheet and to do this you must press the Ctrl and Enter keys on the keyboard and it will appear automatically.

Before you start writing on this new sheet, indicate on the previous one that the information follows the back of the sheet or write a “Turn the page” message. In this way you will make your readers understand that the information continues on the back of the page. The next step is to print the double-sided document that we just created.

How to print double-sided documents in Word

To do this procedure we go to the File tab found in the top menu and click there. In the menu that will appear, we are going to click on the Print option, when doing this, its window will be displayed with the different options for the configuration. In this window we must look for the option double-sided printing.

When we find this option, we will mark it in the check box next to it to activate it. We must also select the number of copies that we want to print of the document. If we want to make other settings in this window, we can do them, such as changing the size of the sheet. And to finish we do click the Print option.

When you press this button, the printing will start and at the end you must verify that it is correct that the image comes out complete and the margins are respected. If the double-sided printing option does not show you its automatic option, you must select the option manually. Then at the end of the printing you must turn the sheet so that the printing continues on the other side.

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And that’s how easy we have finished this very didactic tutorial that I teach you not only to create a double-sided document. If not also to print it on printers with the automatic duplex option and the manual duplex option. Now you may also be interested in reading how to reduce a legal-size document to letter in Word for printing. And so you learned how to easily create and print double-sided documents in Word.

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