How to Create and Protect a Folder from being Deleted in Windows? (Example)

Some operating systems are capable of deleting documents or files of interest without permission, for this reason it is vital to know how to create and protect a folder in Windows. This is the perfect tool for users who manage records, statistics or written reports.

Another way to prevent your folder from being deleted or deleted by accident is by creating icons to customize them, which is a new tool that Windows 10 offers you.

Elimination is a fairly easy process for support. However, in case you delete an important file, the best solution is to try to restore it. However, the system has a direct option that, when enabled, works as a blocker and prevents it from being removed from the computer. All this while the file is protected.

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Another way to protect your folders from being deleted or deleted by mistake is by saving them in Google Drive, and in case you don’t want to share them, this storage cloud allows you to put a password on your folders.

Step-by-step guide to create and protect a folder in Windows

It is essential to state that there are many ways to create and protect a folder in Windows, but the most secure and optimal for commercial activities is the following:

Change security permission

In case you do not want to download external applications, the ideal way to keep all files safe is by modifying some security permissions.

That is, access to that file will be prohibited to third parties and can only be opened by a unique key. That way, only the source user will be able to access and delete the file, so you don’t have to fear someone else will delete it.

Access the platform, the first step is to press the right mouse button and select the option «preferences”. Then continue to the tab «Security”And click the command again «Advanced».

advanced attribute window

Disable features

Once inside the settings, another larger tool panel will appear. There the user will have to locate the button «To disable Inheritance«, click.

The box will show all the information found inside the computer, the ideal is to locate the file and select again. Finally, follow the following route: «File> Edit> Menu> Select> OK«.

In case of wanting to eliminate or deny, consumers must repeat the same steps, only in the information box they must select «Remove» or «Deny».

Apply protection password

In the same tool panel, it allows the adaptation of a password to the selected folders. But, for this you have to access the button that says «Security».

You can also download the Folder Password Lock application, which allows you to set a password to your folders and thus prevent prying eyes from reviewing or deleting it and thus protect your information.

Can you create and protect a folder in Windows with external applications?

The answer is yes, on the web there is a wide range of options that seek data protection. Only the customer must be very vigilant about reliability or effectiveness of the tool.

The method involves doing the same as in the first, but the difference is that it includes a program made by third parties. Likewise, it works to lock and protect all selected files. The procedure to use one of these tools to create and protect a folder in Windows is really simple, it consists of the following steps:

Download the application to the computer

The first thing to do is download the application from the computer, but before choosing it you must know its effect on other people. The ideal is to visit several places and evaluate the functionalities of each one.

protect files

Run on the computer

In case it is an application that works with the operating system, it is very important to run it after downloading. Most of the tools ask for permission to access certain information.

With the stand, you can change the security permissions of a file, modify its nature or make any change that the user considers pertinent. It’s all a matter of selecting the one we like the most and starting to work.

Select and compress

The step to create or protect is to shade all the documents or folders that you want to protect. Once chosen, you will proceed to press the right click and choose the option to compress and protect.

Not only should you take care to secure specific folders, it is also good that you protect all your documents, images, information and your computer in general with antivirus and Firewalls.

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