How to create covers for Twitter on the web

Social networks have become very important in our lives, even in some cases to replace real networks (in the most serious cases). Leaving aside the latter, I would like to highlight how important our profile is in each of the networks, this being the most important when it comes to attract new friends or followers.

In a public network (Facebook style) you will have your friends but if you manage a website or have a public profile on Twitter this platform may be a great gateway to your business or profile and hence the importance of having a good cover (presentation image). The new Twitter profile allows you to upload images and if you don’t want to complicate your life, it is best to download a high-quality design.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who like to work on images, you can design a cover online with Most of the websites of this style add a watermark and others do not enjoy high quality but in this case there is no regret for any of these 2 points against.

Upon entering, it will allow us to create the design without registration, totally free with your own images or by uploading some from our gallery. Not only will it allow you to add the image but you will also be able to insert thumbnails, select a frame, stickers, etc. Once you have finished, you will only have to download the image in .PNG format and upload it to your profile to enjoy a radiant profile.

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