How to create high-quality free online wallpapers

Internet is wonderful. Thanks to the large number of online tools that we find on the web, we can do thousands of things for which we previously needed professional programs and, in many cases, for a fee. Googling a bit I have come across an exceptional one and what many don’t know is that it is completely free and absolutely nothing is needed to use it.

It is about Adobe Spark, an online tool that helps us create wallpapers and all kinds of creations. In this program you will find a simple way to create graphics for your Instagram posts, for your Stories, covers for Facebook, thumbnails for YouTube, etc. Best of all, you just need to create an account (you can use Google to log in) and voila. You will have all the free resources at your disposal and you can even remove watermarks without having to switch to paid plans. It has tons of graphics, images, and options to create all kinds of high-quality images. We would like to explain a little how it works so that you do not feel lost if you decide to give it a try.

Create Spark wallpapers

So you can create impressive images online

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Using this tool is very easy. All you need is to access the Adobe Spark website and, once logged in with your account, follow a few simple steps to create whatever you want. When you enter Spark for the first time, you will see the Projects tab, where you can recover those in which you have already been working or use the giant blue + button that you will see in the center of the upper part.

In this button you will see the different pre-established designs that the tool offers you to create all kinds of things– Posts for Facebook, Instagram, magazine covers, wallpapers, blog graphics and much more. Although you can also choose to start with the blank canvas. You choose.

Adobe Spark Template

Once in the edit tool you can change everything you want in the image. Even if you regret it, you will have the option to resize, insert graphics, insert images, upload your own images, etc. The tool is really complete in this sense and with Adobe’s experience in design you will notice that everything is in its place and everything is very easy and intuitive to edit. The editor is clean but accurate, and allows you to change anything you want.

Edit Adobe Spark

Once you have finished your creation you will only need click on the Download button and choose the format that best suits your needs. You can download your creations in PNG, JPG and even in PDF format to use them however you want. This time we have created a simple wallpaper to show you an example of how it works, but the truth is that the possibilities are unlimited and the results seem to be taken from a professional editor.

It is really gratifying that free tools like this exist and allow us to do things that were previously unthinkable to get with a free editor. And all totally online without downloading or installing anything on our PC.


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