How to Create House Plans Online or Online in a Simple Way – Plans in Autocad

Today we want to learn everything, since we have a very useful tool to achieve this, that is, the internet. We will teach you in a very simple way how create house plans online, with free online design programs.

They are user-friendly pages with which you can design the plans of your house online and for free. You can add rooms, furniture, windows, landscaping, stairs among other things. The only thing that these online pages ask for is to register with your email and a password.

Among these pages we have Floorplanner, Planner 5d, Sweet Home 3d, Homestyler, Amikasa and we also have an App to make plans on ipad like Arcisite among others. Furthermore, these design programs are very similar to the AutoCAD program and have relatively simpler commands than AutoCAD.

How to create plans in AutoCAD in a simple way.

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With our latest version of the AutoCAD program already active, click on start drawing. One of the most important things that AutoCAD has is that if we place the mouse on the command to be used, the description will be simple and keeping even more the given description will increase; F1 is your option.

The first thing that is done in AutoCAD is to build a series of capable, each layer groups similar elements, that is, a layer of walls, a layer of furniture, a layer of waves or measurement and how many layer you want to create.

We start by clicking on layer properties and we select a new layer, for example the first will be the terrain, the second the high walls, the third low walls and the fourth in this case a window layer. The layers to differentiate between if we will put different colors.

create house plans in autocad

To start we start working with the terrain layer, along with the line tool located in the upper left part of your screen, you will begin to put together your design. Placing the dimension of the perimeter and the separations between walls. When you are an expert, you will make structured cabling plans in AutoCAD.

How to create plans with online pages like Floor Planner

To get started with this program Floor planner We click on create a new project and to which you will place the name of the project to be designed. Also the number of floors and in this way you will start. On the right side of your screen you will find the building commands and tools.

We click on draw picture and keeping it pressed, it can be dragged until it reaches the desired dimensions; double click to release. Insert the desired value of the thickness of the walls and to give color to the floor we double click inside the square choosing the desired texture and image.

To see it in 3d we click on the 3d icon, this icon is located in the upper right part of your screen. You can move and rotate your designed plane 360 ​​°. As well as we can increase and decrease the zoom of our project.

In the box that appears on your right, the image appears as the real estate, people, plants, among others. You can also modify the size. And once finished crop to save your image in 2d. In addition to Floor Planner we also have Photoshop, in which you can make architectural plans.

Arcisite an App to make house plans very easy and simple

Arcisite is an App for ipad with very similar and simple commands like AutoCAD. Once downloaded to your ipad we start by opening the App, selecting the option of a new project in this way we will begin to design our plan.

man makes house plans online with autocad

You must select the units of measurements to work, the thickness of the walls and on the right side of the application you will have all the commands that you must use to create your blueprint.

Then you must define the perimeter using the tool Offset to draw parallel to the walls. With the Trim tool we will use it to cut the walls that do not serve me and in this way we will begin to define environments, passageways and free areas very easy.

You can also search or find images by specific size in google to have a gallery of images for different textures that you will want to show in your house plans.

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