How to Create Light Leaks in After Effects Quickly and Easily? (Example)

Today everyone is taking photo and video editing to another level. With increasingly up-to-date programs, you no longer need to be a professional to learn the basics of creating effects. So with that in mind today you will see how to create Light Leaks in After Effects in a simple and efficient way.

And if you talk about editing programs, one of the main ones that will always come out is After effects. Not only because it is a fan favorite but also because of the simplicity with which you can work on it and how easy it is to use its interface to create all kinds of effects that will enhance anyone’s projects, such as the glitch transition effect, the giant head effect, among others.

Create Light Leaks in After Effects

First of all and to get straight to the point what you should do to create a light leak is download the After Effect and install it on your computer. When you have done it just open it like any other program. Being inside it you must give the icon to create a new composition, which is in the lower left part just above the minutes of the timeline.

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Clicking it will open a new section where you can choose the name of the composition as well as the color you want for it. As a recommendation, you have to leave the background color in black and proceed to confirm by giving “To accept”. Right after this go to the options bar above and select «Cap«This will display a window where you must choose»New«And then»Solid”.

woman with after logo

This will create a solid that is where the effects that will be able to create Light Leaks in After Effects will be placed, effects will be added to this and the first one is called: fractal noise.

You just have to look for it by giving Enter, and then placing its same name, when you choose it you will get a window with many options to configure it, place the contrast in 269, the brightness in 80 and the complexity in 1.0, in the drop-down of «TransformWhich is right there places the scale at 800.00.

Then stand on the field where it says evolution and press Alt + C To make the expression field appear on the timeline, put time * 300 here (this will give the effect movement).

Modification of different effects to achieve the goal

As you have already read, you have to add various effects and modify them to create Light Leaks in After Effects, the next one is called Staining and to choose it you just have to do the same as with the previous one (all are looked for like this).

This will allow you to change the color of the light, you just have to give your option to «Associate with». Choose the one you want and then select the next effect called «Exposition”, Which you must set to 0.90 to brighten the light leak.

Then add the effect called «Noise«, In this you must place the «Noise level» by 5%, and deactivate the option of “Use colored noiseThis will create noise at the edges of the color making it look better.

woman with light effects

Finally add the effect «4 color gradient», in this look for the option called «Fusion mode» and in the drop-down next to it choose «Soft light» to finish softening the colors.

And with this it will be ready, you just have to add it to one of your videos. To achieve this you must search for it by the name you gave it and then drag it to the timeline placing it first before all the layers that are there including the one from your video.

Then click on that same bar or timeline to «Fusion mode» and what you get the options press «Screen”. Now if the effect will be seen in your video and you have managed to create Light Leaks in After Effects. Play with the colors and the different effects and get the most out of this trick.

Remember that there are many more things you can do with After, so look for more tutorials that allow you to create a cartoon animation or create a text animation.

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