How to Create, Modify and Save a Post as a Draft on Facebook

The internet is very valuable because it allows you to do endless things, within these it has a wide range of applications for all tastes and ages, among the most prominent is YouTube for lovers of music, videos, doramas and movies, an excellent option to log in without having to enter your google email.

official logos of the most used social networks such as whatsapp messenger and instagram

For those who prefer to connect with their family and friends abroad or because of the pandemic, they do so via virtual, we have Telegram, which also allows you to send files to as many as possible, create groups. In addition, WhatsApp also allows you to publish your statuses, make calls, video calls, among others, manage your files from WhatsApp Web without a cell phone on or without an internet connection.

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But particularly there is one that has exceeded the limits in terms of tastes, and this application is known to all as Facebook since it offers you many useful tools according to your needs and taste, but What is Facebook and what tools does it offer me?

What is Facebook? What does it offer?

It is an internet network that was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, family and others who are of greater interest to you. This communication has no limit, since you can connect with users from around the entire globe either through instant messages (Messenger), photographs, being part of groups, playing games among others.

Sometimes those stories only do you want to save them as draft file, to be able to publish them at a certain moment when it is ready or for a certain moment, but you simply don’t know how to create, modify and save it.

For this, we are here to help you step by step to know how to use each of these tools provided by Facebook, do not panic, you just have to have the content of your advertising ready, have a company page since it is not allowed for personal profiles, then follow the following steps that will be explained below, it is super easy and simple! You will see.

How to create a Facebook ad draft?

Go to your company page, and being there, place at the top the publishing tool, this just below the search box and create your publication; you can include links, photographs apart from your usual text.

Now go to the top left, under Publish, it has a drop-down arrow on its right, when selecting it, it will show you three options to publish «Published publications», «Scheduled publications» and «Drafts», this last option is the one you will select and then publish it immediately or on a scheduled basis, this last option allows you to define a scheduled time or date by accessing the Facebook calendar.

Something very important is your privacy, which is why you configure your security only for certain users, for everyone to see or for specific users. Time has passed and you want republish or correct your draft, you can get it again, just go to this section again.

How to edit or publish an ad delete on Facebook?

Again go to the top of the page, to the publishing tool, select Drafts in the left columnClicking on it will allow you to edit it, correct it, add something to it, simply publish it immediately.

facebook logo with people and mobiles connected to the network

It is important to note that only the administrators of the page will be authorized to make changes to the DraftsLikewise, it gives you the opportunity to show a preview of your publication on your computer or on your mobile phone, in the latter it will be possible to preview it through a Facebook page management application.

How to create Facebook advertising drafts?

This tool allows you to create text publications, links, images among others, which after accessing it you can edit and schedule it to be finished, whenever you prefer. This option It will save you time, effort and a more practical and dynamic wayJust focus on the information you want to publish, put your effort into it and don’t waste any more time cutting, pasting, editing in a text editor and then uploading it to Facebook. With this tool it is much easier and simpler.

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