How to create, Modify or Run a Query in Access? Step by step (Example)

There are many ways and reasons to run a query in Access, this application is an excellent tool for manage databases. We must mention that each of the queries has a different process, in addition, it will be necessary to take care of the details to make them easier.

Why run a query in Access?

Each type of query has a reason within Access, some work to handle data, find it, delete it or just add some. But these are not the only ones justifications for accessing this interesting program.

Access offers the possibility of adding certain characteristics, managing to make the query and see the results in a table, in such a way make it easier to understand them. Additionally, it is common for this data to be handled digitally, therefore, consulting through this program allows you to go to much older data more quickly.

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In general, the possibilities of Access make it an ideal platform to make queries of any kind, regardless of the reason for the database. It really is an excellent tool to start using.

How to get a query run in Access?

The Access program makes two types of query available to the user, one of selection and another of action. The first allows you to locate and identify a quantity of data, the second is divided into three branches that we will explain later.

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A select query is useful for going to a specific point in the database, for example, to take notes on or read data. Creating this query is quite simple, first of all, locate the button «Query design» and click on it.

Now, continue selecting the table on which you want to create the query, then you need to click on «Add». After this, it is necessary that at the bottom of the sale, you mark the desired fields for the query.

Determine if it is necessary for each chosen field to be displayed, in addition, you must establish an order in which the results will be displayed. The options are usually «Upward» and «Falling».

In the case of action queries, everything changes a bit, first, you need to click on «Query design» and select the table again. You can select one or more tables, but you must do so at this time to avoid inconvenience.

Now, you must close this wizard and select each of the rows or columns from which to expect a result in this query. You must determine the query criteria at the bottom of the screen, remember that this applies only to selected columns.

It only remains that in the tab «Design» click on the «Run» button, This will give action to what you planned and will generate a result. Remember that this only looks like a table, therefore, you must return to the main tab to see your results.

you access the Access query

What are the benefits of running a query in Access?

There is a wide variety of programs similar to Access to query databases, but there are some details that make this the best. First, it offers the possibility of choosing the specific fields, in such a way that the query becomes easier.

Additionally, they can be activated different search criteria of action, inquiries and forms that achieve more specific results. Being a tool that gives the possibility of calculating based on more delicate criteria, achieving better results.

It is also capable of calculating totals from different graphs and databases, making every aspect easy. In general, run a Access query It is ideal to fulfill any task that is proposed in terms of studying and analyzing databases.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that this excellent program is capable of converting the results into graphs or creating tables and adding fields, something that greatly facilitates understanding. This has long been one of the best consultants and is expected to continue to be.

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