How to Create My Own Songs with Songify and Autorap step by step (Example)

Music is considered a language that is transmitted universally, so it can be interesting to create songs through applications available for the devices you use daily.

A great benefit of operating systems such as Apple and Android is that they have a wide repertoire of programs for these types of functions.

Although some are free or paid, it is a very entertaining method for those who want to play karaoke or create songs with professional effects.

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Both functions are possible through the applications that we will talk about today, which can be acquired for free through the OS stores.

So if you want to know a little more about how to use a program to feel like an artist, through these apps you can get an entertainment medium For you and all your family.

Songify an application aimed at creating flagship pop songs

Developed by Smule but published by Khush Inc., it is an application intended for expand your musical repertoire through recordings made by its users. It is a free program available for mobile devices that work with the Apple and Android operating systems.

At first, Songify is accompanied by three free themes with which you can start experimenting and creating songs, in turn editing the sound and the effects that will compose it.

create pop badge songs

In case the application is going to be used by your children, its platform has a parental control which allows you to configure the program to prevent children from hearing bad words or interacting with offensive communities.

How to create songs with Songify?

Its methodology is very simple, as it will only be necessary press on the disk shape that appears on the main screen to start recording.

From this point on, it will be up to you what you should do, as you will have started the process of creating a new topic. To add the letter it will only be necessary to record a spoken dialogue, and the program will automatically modify the style in which it will sound based on the rhythm you select.

After the application designs a way to make you sound like you sing and make the edits to your liking. You will have the possibility to save or share the song.

AutoRap an application more inclined to Hip-Hop

In case you feel more interested in rap songs, Smule was also trained to develop and publish this app.

Unlike the previous one, this one is available for devices that work with Android and Apple. Within which they can be downloaded for free.

Because they are created by the same programmer, the methodology for creating songs is quite similar. Well, you only need to press on «Tap to Rap» to start the recording that will accompany the background sound that you select later.

AutoRap an application more inclined to Hip-Hop

Like Songify, you can also edit the song after the conversion is complete. Although AutoRap automatically takes care of making your recording sound with a rhythm that matches the beat.

In case you want to enjoy another mode. The possibility of karaoke on songs that have already been published by artists.

In this way, and through parental control, you can spend a pleasant time with your family. Creating new content and sharing it through social networks or saving it within your device.


The possibility of creating songs that are of your total authorship is already possible. Then Smule has been dedicated to generating a couple of programs for those who want to fulfill this dream.

Through these programs you will be able to demonstrate your creative capacity for this type of skills, sharing it within the community and other Internet programs. In addition, it can also be used for create a moment of total enjoyment for yourself or those around you.

Therefore, it is a great advantage to finally have a couple of such useful and interactive programs as AutoRap and Songify.

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