How to Create One or Several New Advertising Accounts on Facebook Business? (Example)

Nowadays freelance work is taking over the world, with more and more people working from home, the largest companies are beginning to adapt to this new modality. Facebook is not far behind, that’s why Today you will learn how to create one or more new advertising accounts on Facebook Business

And it is that in the 21st century, whoever adapts first wins the race, and Facebook never loses. Considering that it is one of the largest social networks in the world, it was a matter of time before they created a way in which you could work with them, and thus allow you earn money while they also benefit.

The scope of this platform is brutal, allowing even to schedule Instagram and Facebook posts with Creator Studio, perfectly exploiting both modalities.

Create one or more new advertising accounts in Facebook Business

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Straight to the point, creating an advertising account on Facebook is as easy as creating a personal account, so it shouldn’t take long. The first thing you should do is create an account in the Facebook Business manager.

The option to earn money is not only from Facebook, but also from other applications that allow profit. Such is the case of easily monetizing YouTube videos.

For this you have to go to the Facebook manager page from your browser of choice, there as soon as you enter you will see a button that says «Register account», press it.

It will ask you to register a name (it is important that you put one that you can remember, so as not to have any confusion in the event that you want to have several accounts), once chosen, click on «Continue”.

Then and right after, you must enter your name and email (you can choose your name or that of the company, the email must be the one you want to be linked to the account).

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And voila, with these simple steps you already know how to create an account for advertising on Facebook. This will allow you to create one or more new advertising accounts in Facebook Business, take into account that as a personal profile you can only be the owner of one account.

But, as a user you can manage up to 25 accounts simultaneously, either as an administrator, analyst or advertiser.

In turn, you will always be credited with putting a link or Facebook link on web pages to increase the reach of the content you offer.

Three options for ad accounts

Now, with the above, you will have access to a Facebook business manager account, and you will be able to create your advertising account in it.

To achieve this you must go to the menu and then to the section of «Business configuration», a side bar will appear, where is the option «Advertising accounts«, Click there and you will immediately see another section, which has an option called»Add”Press it.

Once this is done, three options will appear: «Add your own advertising account», «Request access to an advertising account» and «Create an advertising account.»

The first option is in case you already have a personal account created, and you have promoted a product or merchandise on Instagram or Facebook. The second is if you want to access a customer’s account or one already created (for whatever reason).

And the last one, to start from scratch if you have never made an announcement or anything like that. This is the one that matters to you in order to obviously create one or more new advertising accounts in Facebook Business.

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Create advertising account

When you select the last option, it will ask you to enter the name, the page from which you want to advertise anything, the currency and the time zone.

If the account you create will be yours (to manage it yourself, etc.), then you must choose both your time zone and the currency of the country where you reside.

But if instead you are creating this account for another company, you must choose the currency and time zone of the same (that is, choose the advertiser of the account).

Once this is configured, the account will be created, and you can start managing it however you want, adding your style and obviously what you are going to advertise. So you can already say that you learned to create one or more new advertising accounts on Facebook Business, the rest is up to you and how good an entrepreneur you are.

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