How to Create or Make a Letterhead Sheet in Word Step by Step

Document writing can be quite a simple job, as well as complicated, depending on the level of detail you want. put to a specific document.

When you pay attention to the final finish of a document, it completely changes the way a person reads a document, and how professional it feels in their hands and in their eyes.

For this reason, it is necessary that when a specific document is to be written, such as a personal reference, all necessary precautions can be taken to make the document feel like something genuine, done with detail and full of professionalism, and even more. if we do not take into account the APA standard in Word.

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If not, we end up with a document with poor grammar, questionable structure, and terrible readability, which is what we are trying to avoid.

Given this, many people come to take different courses or take an education specifically, that can be used to make a document correctly.

We mention this since not all people have a good grammar (especially in Spanish) nor do they all have a synthesis capacity that can be actively used with any document.

Even so, when these aspects are covered, you must take into account the small details that come with being able to write a document.

These details are usually the factors that can give the necessary air to a document, such as a corporate dismissal document, which should be serious; or an invitation to a birthday, which must have a more playful air.

In the case of business documents, you have to be careful with these details, since the idea that it is can be as consistent with the company as possible. And, for this, the editors can rely on the use of letterheads to have a good finish.

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Creating your own letterhead in Word

Letterheads are formats or templates that can be downloaded for a document, which is usually in the header and footer of the page, and usually has the company logo, address and other information such as the name of the specific sender.

Also, you can see other details that can go in the margins and how the colors are used depending on the person who made it.

Given this, we can say that a letterhead can be made directly in Word and it does not take too much work, since you only have to create a new document in Word, and go directly to the menu of «Insert». Here, you can find two buttons on the toolbar what do they say «Header» and «Footer”, So click on each one and select the type you want.

Now, you only have to fill the footer and the header with your own data or the company’s data, put the logo, your name, the address and other data that may be relevant for the letterhead, and you must save it.

From now on, every time you want to use your letterhead you can open the file, write what you need and save the new file through File > Save as and Keep the file wherever you want so as not to lose the letterhead original.

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Using a template

If perhaps making a letterhead from scratch is not your thing, you can use one of the many letterheads that Microsoft Office has for you, so just open a new document from Word, and on the screen when it asks you if you want to open a blank sheet, write above in the upper bar «letterhead».

Now, select the letterhead that you like the most, Word will will download and you can go directly to fill it with the information you want the most, so take your time and Save it so you can use it in your next essays.

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