How to Create or Make an Image Map with Dreamweaver (Example)

In a society that is increasingly immersed in technological tools, have knowledge of how the world works In full development of the digital age, it would be essential when it comes to standing out in work and academic areas when dealing with issues that involve the implementation of technological instruments.

Like many other things, to understand how current tools work, you should take a look at all those instruments that preceded them, understanding with greater accuracy everything that has given rise to much more advanced equipment or platforms.

The amazing world of the web

Countless numbers of applications may emerge and web pages will continue to be the most important communication tools of the digital age. Having a web page is offering all your users the possibility of accessing different types of content, compacted in one place.

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web world

There is no application, institution, company or organization that does not want to have, at present, a web platform, through which they can offer better advice and attention services, as well as facilities when acquiring articles, products or simply answering questions. related to a specific topic.

Image Maps

On a web page, as you may have read in the previous paragraphs, you can insert or implement a large number of elements that range from, of course, text, buttons, images, audios, videos, hyperlinks, among others. Some are more used than others, everything is based on your tastes and needs.

The image map for a long time, was one of those elements widely used when creating web pages. An extremely striking and interesting tool that, at present, could be said to be in abandonment.

It is a way of inserting a certain amount of hyperlinks in the same image, something that, on today’s web, could seem practically impossible, since images tend to have only one behavior, or what is the same: go to a single website.

What do I need to create an image map?

But the truth is that it is not impossible at all. A single image can contain different coordinates that can direct you to several sections of the same web page or send you to a different site, again, it all depends on your tastes and needs.

The creating an image map It is a procedure that has a certain degree of difficulty, however, with patience, special attention to a series of instructions and the indicated program, everything can be much more bearable.

The ideal program

Programs for this type of work abound. Among the most frequent is Dreamweaver. It is a web editor with powerful tools, not only for design, but also excellent for creating forms and bitmaps.

The greatest attraction of this software has to do with the integration of elements other than those of a web structure. Among them, the images, it does not matter if they come from Photoshop, if they are animated and if they come from databases. This tool is simply magnificent.

Make it easy with Dreamweaver!

The Dream Weaver, also known as Dreamweaver, is a program specialized for editing web platforms. Don’t be intimidated by the power of the tools that this program can count on, since while it is not entirely easy to master at first, once you get into the rhythm of it, you will understand how extraordinary it can be.

This program, precisely, will become your ally at the moment of create an image map, and surely you will be so delighted that you will want to use it for many more things.

Make it easy with Dreamweaver

  • Embed the image on your web page.
  • Select it using Dreamweaver.
  • Go to «Properties».
  • Choose one of the tools to draw in different areas of the image.
    • You can choose between rectangles, polygons, and circles.
  • Click on one of the areas of your image.
  • Insert the link to which this zone should be linked.

Don’t stop creating!

From now on, it only remains to repeat the procedure to add more links to other areas of the image and, later, use a browser to check the effectiveness of the operation carried out. It’s that easy to create an Image Map with Dreamweaver!

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