How to Create or Make an Intro with Animoto without Watermark Easily

Today, the world is dominated in a certain way by what content creators, since with the necessary knowledge we can make all kinds of images and videos about what we want. This, apart from the usual entertainment through social networks that we use day after day on our devices, such as being on YouTube or watching Facebook.

Here we can always find content made by someone else, and in general it is usually very well prepared content, but to be able to create this type of content its creators take a long time.

The quality in the creation of videos and imagesThey come at the cost of creativity, good decisions, experience, tastes, and most of all time. When you have enough time, you can make the content you want, since high-quality content is usually quite elaborate.

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This is why many youtubers They tend to rely on an editor for video creation, which greatly shortens the amount of work they can have, while others tend to have the entire creative process on their hands, which leads them to take all work in stride.

At the end of the day, we can use all kinds of resources to make videos, but the most valuable tool we have is the use of different editing programs. Through the correct program you can do whatever you want with your video, as long as you have the creativity.

But, it is worth looking for other resources that can make your life easier, such as the use of pages or programs that use video templates, as it does Animoto. This page lets you make videos based on different templates, but they come with an annoying watermark that we will show you how to remove in this little tutorial.

animoto design candles

Animoto and the watermark

Being able to do intros through Animoto It is a good way to use the platform, since you only have to upload some images and that’s it. But you should keep in mind that if you want to do this, you will have to deal with the annoying watermark that comes with using a free account.

This watermark can only be removed in a couple of ways: applying as an educator for the educator program and get a free membership for 50 days; or paying for one professional membership. And this is the one that we recommend to be able to have a legal way of working within Animoto.

Keep in mind that if you want your account for free you will have it very limited, but with a professional membership you have access to a lot of things, such as the opportunity to add music, use unique music from the platform without danger of copyright and much more. For many content creators it is a platform worth using.

animoto intro animation

Making an intro in Animoto

The intros in YouTube videos are something quite famous, since if you have a YouTube channel, you will see that the use of an intro will add more personality to your person and your channel. An intro will look as professional as we want it to be, and although we can make one ourselves we can always turn to Animoto.

In order to make an intro in Animoto without a watermark, you will have to open an account and pay for a professional account. Once that’s done log in and select a video template from the template library.

Then, through the panel that you will have in front of you, you can upload images, video and write text to be able to form the video. So just add whatever you want, put a Name and music; and check it in the preview and then download it in one of its many formats.

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