How to create robot portraits online

We usually see famous people in movies robot portraits carried out by the victims or accomplices of the alleged suspect, now is the time to carry out our own robot sketch thanks to the Internet.

Making these portraits is very easy, thanks to the help of several web tools to make this type of portraits that will be great for you. We have updated the article with new apps because the most famous ones like Flashface and Digibody no longer work as they should., an advanced and very well designed app

online robot portrait

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The best thing in 2021 (or later) is to use an advanced app like, developed by some universities and very powerful.

PortraidPad, it’s not online but it’s the best


The other tool that exists today to do this is PortraidPad, a native Windows app that you can find in the Windows Store for your PC.

FLASHFACE, a classic

The best option, very successful with thousands of combinations to face our suspect but that has ceased to be an online website to become an Android and iOS web application. In fact, Flashface is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store in paid format (it costs just over €3). To find it, you just have to search for FlashFace Premium on Android or FlashFace Full on iOS. Here you can see a video of its operation.

DIGIBODY, an option that no longer exists

Much less real, but not for that worse. With this app it is possible to customize the features in an amazing way, but it is difficult to faithfully reconstruct someone’s face. The problem with this selfie maker is that it doesn’t exist anymore.


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