How to Create Screenshots on Chromebook MacOS: Shortcuts and Tips

Laptops are the main devices used to achieve our development, be it work or student. The Chromebooks are considered the best to achieve this process, that’s why they are so used; many have chosen to buy these computers because of all the good reviews it has. But some do not know the correct way to use different tools such as taking screenshots, that is why it is worth asking how to take or take a screenshot on Chromebook on your MacOS computer?

Chromebooks are portable devices, which they are integrated by the MacOs system. It is common that for each laptop it is different to take a screenshot, for this reason we will mention the steps to be able to do it in the simplest way.

How to take a screenshot on my Chromebook

These laptops have focused on provide the best tools to improve educationIt has also managed to show a better browser. If this is your first time using it, you may not know how to take a snapshot of any photo or subject that you need to save in a more convenient format.

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This process may be different for each system and even more so for MacOs, it is recommended that you check which version your computer has to find out information about it. The first method to make a full capture on your screen, you must press the button on your keyboard of Ctrl + Windows SwitcherThis last button is the one at the top, which shows an icon of a square with two lines to its right.

To make a partial screen capture, this is the one that is used so as not to cover the entire screen of the device, it will only take a part; to do so press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Windows Switcher, doing so you will see how your cursor turns into a cross, tap an area and scroll to the place you want.

In a few words, the first thing you should do to take a screenshot is go to the screen you want to capture, chromebooks allow you capture any something on the screen of your device, whether for example documents, web pages or even movie photos.

What you should do in press Ctrl and the screen switch key This is the one with a rectangle with two vertical lines. If your keyboard does not have this key, you just have to press F5, doing this will capture an image of everything that is shown on the screen of your chromebook.

make screenshot on chromebook computer

If you also need to take a screenshot for your touch screen, you have to press the power button and the volume down button. Whichever way you use will help you take the screenshot of your screen, it doesn’t matter if it is within a web page or watching a video, this will still be done.

MacOs / OsX

All you have to do is hold down the key Ctrl + Switch window or also change the screen so that you can take a complete capture, if what you need is to make a partial capture is to hold down the key Ctrl + Shift + Switch window and ready.

Tablet mode

It is possible that in some tablets you do not have access to its keyboard, but don’t worry, there is a quick and easy way to take a screenshot, all you have to do is press the buttons simultaneously. Power + Volume down and ready your capture.

External keyboards

If you are using a Chrome desktop computer or connecting an external keyboard to your chromebook it is very likely that the keyboard uses the keys in the standard function row, then all you have to do is press the key. Ctrl + F5.

Where to see the screenshots?

When you take a screenshot of your desktop, surely you have had trouble finding it, but rest assured that all the captures go to the same place. There is a folder where you will find the screenshots you have taken, what you have to do is enter the file explorer as if you were going to look for a folder on your hard drive, you must click on my images and look for a folder called screenshots or screenshots.

Now, since you know how to take the captures on your computer, it may be that you do not know where these are saved, to be able to see them you have to go to the main menu of your device, then look for the option that says ‘My documents’ when accessing click on ‘Downloads’, all the captures you take will be automatically saved in this folder.

If you notice that when you carry out this process you do not see clearly and you want to see it closer, you can increase the zoom, to find these options faster.

Also if you want to save the captures in the cloud, you can do it in the following way, enter the download folder, choose the file you want, click on the option to share which is in the right corner and select that you want to save it in drive, you can do it with each of your captures.

Another option that you can apply to use your captures is to copy it to the clipboard, by having your capture copied in this section It will allow you to quickly share any image. To do it, just press the capture, then press the Ctrl + C keys to copy and Ctrl + V to paste the file.

Screenshot editing

The screenshots are now ready for you to share but it may happen that you want to edit them first, which you have to do click on the blue folder icon from the upper task bar and open the downloads folder, then click on your capture to open it, then right click on it and a complete menu will be displayed with which you can edit it and at the end save the changes you made in save button.

At the time of taking a screenshot it may happen that it has something that we did not like or has large edges that you want to remove. To do this, you can choose professional editors or do it directly from the tools of your laptop.

screenshot chromebook on keyboard

It’s necessary that go to the download folder and double click on the image you want, doing so will open it in the image viewer; once in it, select the pencil icon,

Next, select edit to be able to see all the options that are at the bottom, in this you can cut it, rotate it and much more. When you have completely edited, finish the process by pressing the pencil again.

Copy your screenshots to the clipboard

If you want to copy your screenshot you must find it and select it and then press Ctrl + C to copy it to the clipboard and then to paste it you must press Ctrl + V.

How to record my computer screen

Recording the screen of your computer is something very simple and easy to do, just follow these steps: open the window where you want to make the recording, and you must press the windows keys + G, there a small window will be displayed with five options as they are capture screen, start recording, record the last 30 seconds and activate the microphone and start recording, and that’s it, just select the option you need and finally save your video.

Most used key combinations to easily perform tasks on Chromebook

The most used and most common combinations that we know are Ctrl + X you use to cut, Ctrl + C you use to copy, Ctrl + V you use to paste and Ctrl + Z you use to undo. Next you will know many more.

Tabs and windows

Some combinations for tabs and windows are:

  • Open a new tabs: Ctrl + N.
  • Open a new tabs but in incognito mode: shift + ctrl + N.
  • Open a new tab: Ctrl + T.
  • Open a file in the browser: Ctrl + O.
  • Close current tab: Ctrl + W.
  • Close the current window: Shift + Ctrl + W.
  • Reopen the last window or tab: Shift + Ctrl + T.

Pages and web browser

Some combinations for pages and web browser are:

  • Page down: Alt + up arrow.
  • Page down: Alt + down arrow.
  • Scroll the page down: space bar.
  • Go to the top of the current page: Ctrl + Alt + up arrow.
  • Go to the bottom of the current page: Ctrl + Alt + down arrow.
  • Print page: Ctrl + P.
  • Save page: Ctrl + S.

System and display settings

Some combinations for system and display settings are:

  • Open the files app: Shift + Alt + M.
  • Preview a file in files: Select the file and you must press the space bar.
  • Show a hidden file in files: Ctrl +. point.
  • Open the area where the time appears: shift + Alt + S.
  • See your notifications: Shift + Alt + N.
  • Change your screen resolution: shift + Ctrl + or – minus.
  • Rotate your screen 90 degrees: Shift + Ctrl + rotate.

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