How to Customize and Add Android Widgets to the Lock Screen

A while ago Android had a really useful tool, this tool quickly disappeared despite the potential it may possess. If you like have quick access to certain applications on your mobile device, here we will tell you how to add, use and customize widgets on your Android’s lock screen.

Appearing from Android Jelly Bean the possibility of customize our screen with various widgets. It was a revolutionary tool with regard to accessibility, however, in the Android Lollipop version this widget tool was discarded.

Widgets give us a quick and easy accessibility to applications that we like the most, those that are from our first line of need. Such information as knowing and knowing the weather where you live, stock market values, quick notes, even the calendar, all this is just a click on our screen thanks to the widgets.

screen widgets phone

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However, the idea was discarded from Android Lollipop, these days if you want to bring the widgets back to your device there are Apps like Ava lockscreen or Lockscreen Widgets that will help you to use and customize widgets on the lock screen of your Android device.

These applications can be found in the google play store for an approximate price of € 1, some of these in their ‘early access’ state, may be a bit unstable on certain computers, but they should not be ruled out for a future update.

After obtaining the application that you have decided is the best for your device, you will have to follow a few very simple steps, the interfaces of these apps normally they are quite simplified so that its use is very easy, despite this, a guide like this never hurts.

Permissions first

The Lockscreen Widgets app will ask for 2 permissions, Although only one is essential for its operation and the other is totally optional, the most important permission would be the accessibility permission, this will allow the app to function correctly.

The optional permission is a permission on notifications, which will allow widgets to be hidden while notifications are displayed on the device’s lock screen.

With the source code of the app published on Github, its author ensures that no information about its users is stored, this gives us a certain level of confidence when granting the permissions requested by this app. Similarly, you can manage and manage application permissions on your Android device and accommodate them to your liking.

Add the widgets that you like the most

After the app start wizard we can start adding our widgets to the screen. Pressing for a short time on the ‘+’ icon that we will find at the top of the screen, just to the right.

android lock home screen widgets

Here we can see the list of widgets that we have available, regardless of the special conditions these widgets can be integrated without problems, they will appear by default in the central part of the lock screen, from here we can customize their position, size and location.

The widgets will be shown overlapping, as we place more will be displayed as a carousel on the screenFrom this same lock screen we can continue adding more widgets by finding the ‘+’ symbol.

After these simple steps are done, you will have a large number of tools within a few taps with easy and fast accessibility without having to unlock your screen, in the same way that notifications would on the lock screen of your Android.

Considering that this app is a patch to bring back an old Android feature, it works splendidly, of course with certain limitations. Have better access to your applications and important information it will help you do a much more effective job, especially if it is about reacting quickly.

First of all the Widgets as such they are mini Apps or micro applications that work as tools for your mobile, their function is to make the use of your phone much easier and giving you better access to certain applications than you device has.

Activate and use your phone’s widgets Android It is very easy and simple, you just have to go to the main screen of the device and hold down an empty space on the screen for a few seconds, select the option Widgets and then you have to press and hold the widget that you want to activate or add, then the main screens of your mobile, you just have to move the widget to the screen you want and that’s it.

The Widgets They are applications that work practically as tools and, in general, we all always want to have a better use of our device, and these give us easy access to our applications, including the date, time and weather forecast. Add Widgets to your phone’s lock screen Xiaomi It is very simple you just have to press and hold an empty space on the main screen of your Xiaomi mobile, then you must press «Widgets» In the menu that will appear on the screen, proceeding to this you must select the widget you want, for example you can select the weather forecast, the time, calendar, among others, after pressing for a few seconds drag it to your lock screen and Ready.

We all want to stay comfortable with our cell phones Huawei, and the Widgets allow us to do it, that is why you can add custom Widgets to your Huawei mobile with KWGT, because the editor of this App is very complete and easy to use, it allows you to create any design for the Widgets of your Huawei phone, allowing you to show and design the micro applications of weather, climate, calendar, time, your mobile battery among others. This App is very easy to use, you just have to follow the indications that they will give you.

Other ways to customize your lock screen on Android

We all want personalize our phone, always keeping it to the style and comfort of each one, but sometimes we may not know how to customize the lock screen from our phone AndroidQuiet, then we will tell you some ways to customize your Android’s lock screen.

Create shortcuts

Create shortcuts To customize your phone is very simple since you can use the traditional browser on your Android phone Google to search to search for a website and create a shortcut of it. The first thing you should do for this is access your web browser and enter the website that you want to create the shortcut, then you have to press the three-point settings icon, this is in the upper right, you must select the alternative «Add to home screen» and voila, you can create the direct access to the website.

phone with lock screen widgets

Place Information Widgets

You can customize your Android phone’s lock screen by adding Widgets that provide you with the information you need to be aware of all your activities, for example you can add the calendar widget so you can remember your work meetings or holidays, this is very easy to do, you just have to go to the screen main of your android phone and keep pressed in an empty space for a few minutes, in the menu that will appear you must press the alternative Widgets, followed by this you have to press the widget you want to add and slide it to the lock screen or any other screen of your android device, once this is done you can fully enjoy the use of your mobile.

There are a lot of Apps that can help you personalize your phone with the best Widgets, this in order that you can have a better management of your device and the applications that are in it, including also the micro applications such as the weather or the calendar, the advantage of these App of personalization is that they are very light, which is good because it will not take up so much storage space

Lock Screen Widget: lock with a single click

Lock Screen Widget is an excellent App that recovers the function of yesteryear and offers you additional features, including also its fabulous Widgets that you can add to your mobile’s lock screen, this app is very easy to use and best of all, it doesn’t take up much storage space.

DashClock: clock for all screens

This App has been considered the most complete customization tool on the market, as it offers you the best Widget of the hour. also highlighting the weather weather, text messages, notifications, calendar, calls and even alarms; all of these may appear on the lock screen of your mobile device, since the function of DashClock is to focus on saving yourself time by allowing you to see all this type of information without having to unlock your phone.

HD Widgets: Easy customization

There are multiple apps that help you customize your Android phone and HD Widgets is one of them, as it has a wide variety of Widgets that allow you to see information such as the weather or simply the time and date. This App is very simple and easy to use since it practically consists of selecting and choosing the widget and adapting it to your size by selecting the configuration that consider suitable to your preference.

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