How to Customize and Change the Theme in Opera Web Browser (Example)

customize and change the theme

Opera is characterized by being a lightweight and easy-to-use browser. But what few know is the possibility of customizing the browser in great detail, even setting a theme that suits your needs.

How to customize Opera

As browsers have advanced, they more adapt to the user consumption habits. To the point of finding everything you need just a click away.

Choose a search engine

Sets the search engine by default from the combo bar that you use the most. Choose from the default ones like Google Search, Yahoo !, Duck Duck Go, Amazon, Bing, and Wikipedia.

Opera configuration and customization options

If the one you usually use is not on the list, you can always add new search engines. Access the Opera settings (Alt + P) and look for the Search section.

Launch sidebar

One of the features in the latest version of Opera that promises to make your life easier. A customizable sidebar where you can place quick access buttons to your favorite pages or history.

Add a quick access to social media you use the most or integrated versions of applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Click on the sidebar configuration button (…) located at the bottom and customize the accesses.

If the sidebar does not appear in your browser, access the Opera settings and find the Sidebar section. From there you can enable it and customize the elements you want it to include.

Add add-on extensions

The extensions that include opera can be fun gadget or tools for advanced users. You can translate a whole page in seconds or have real-time weather information. Even with all these modifications, it is still one of the fastest browsers that currently exist.

These are known as speed dial extensions and to add them go to the Opera menu and choose the Extensions / Get extensions option. There is more of 1000 options available.

Find out about the latest news from the world and your city

Opera includes a call function Discover that you can configure to know the latest updates on topics of interest to you. In addition, you can be aware of the latest news of the day, but only what you want to know.

Change keyboard shortcuts

Quick access commands help you increase your productivity by reducing mouse use while browsing the Internet. Opera allows you to create your own login commands for any action within the browser.

To change the shortcuts, go to the Opera menu and click on Settings. Find the section of Shortcuts / Keyboard Shortcuts.

Block advertising

Disappear from the pages those annoying ads, which can be a source of distraction at times you need total concentration. Right click on the background of the browser and select the option Block advertising.

Remove advertising from your browser

Customize the font

Opera wants your browser experience to be complete, which is why it has not skimped on customization details. Choose from dozens of sources and do not limit yourself only to the one established by the browser.

Vary the font size from very small to very large. Access the font settings through the shortcut command Alt + P and find the section Appearance / Customize fonts.

Change the theme for the browser

Changing the theme of the browser is the last change you need to have that special touch. Opera has a catalog with multiple themes of travel, cars, nature, architecture, abstract, colorful, as you look for it.

If you are not convinced by any of the available ones, you can always upload your own image. Right click on the background of the main page browser to upload the photo and change it.

Choose between a light or dark theme

With Opera you can use a light theme, where white predominates, or a dark theme, perfect for spend hours in the browser. Right click on the background of the home page and choose one of the two.

Every day the improvements are constant and it should not seem strange that the functions of Opera are better every day. It has even started with the implementation of a different version called Opera Neon, much more advanced

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