How to Customize the Desktop Appearance of my Chromebook (Example)

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Don’t settle for working with default styles. We will teach you how to customize the appearance of your Chromebook desktop. Enjoy changing the look of your work tool. Currently, big enterprises in the field of technology they compete with each other to be better every day.

This competition has brought to light great changes in this technological era in which we live, in fact in a chromebook you can activate the developer function, just as you would an android device.

The google company In the search for new innovations, Chromebook emerged. These are computers designed that offer you great advantages. Next, I show you a brief review.

Chromebook Laptops

As we mentioned earlier, the Google company has brought to light its incredible line of Chromebook computers with an operating system based on the Google Chrome browser. What does this mean? Well, basically, your entire operating system is linked to the browser Google Chrome; That is also, that you have at your disposal new and better versions of this system from time to time, if you want to update the operating system of your chromebook, take a look at our section

You have at your disposal a direct link to the Google cloud with a capacity of 100 Gb free by two years. In addition, you have access to all the advantages and work tools of Google such as:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Google Drive that includes: Docs, Spreadsheet, presentations, in short, all the personal repertoire of this tool.
  • Youtube
  • Google+

Apart from this, it offers you the enormous advantage of obtaining and using any extension or app that is registered and usable in Google Chrome. Definitely an excellent advantage.

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Now, this laptop as mentioned does not have an internal storage capacity because it works according to your personal cloud. So, as a curious fact, its cost is very cheap compared to a mid-range Smartphone.

We must clarify that in order to use a Chromebook we need an account email in Gmail. With this in mind, it remains to be discovered how can I customize appearance from my chromebook desktop? Next, we will answer this question.

How to customize your Chromebook desktop

We will show you the way more easy and fast to personalize your Chromebook desktop. When we talk about desktop we basically refer to its interface and enjoy the best experience and comfort using it.

Well, let’s start by viewing the bottom or side of your Chromebook. There you will be able to appreciate your available apps, this is known as a library. You may change apps from there or add new ones.

Customize library

To customize the library, you must right-click on the library. Then select the option library position and then select the place of your preference to place the library: bottom or sides (right, left).

Another thing that you can customize is the web pages of your preference. In case you use a specific one and want to have faster access to that page, you can make an icon of direct access and place it on the Chromebook desktop.

To do this, you just have to access the web page of your choice from the Chrome browser and click on the 3 option points. Then click on more and Create Shortcut. A shortcut will automatically be created on the desktop.

You can also configure and change the desktop photo and for this we open the wallpaper selector, then we select any image that we like to set it as the desktop background. The truth is this procedure is very simple.

customize screen in chrome book

Apart from this we can edit our user profile picture to log in, as well as change the user or add a new one, as well as completely change the keyboard configuration of your chromebook.

All with the aim of improving and enjoying the experience. Without a doubt, having one of these laptops is a great advantage, take advantage of this information to learn a little more about Chromebook and if you want to know the hidden advantages and disadvantages of chromebooks, check out this special review we made for you. Leave us your opinion in the comment box and share this article with your friends or family.

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