How to Customize the Edge Panel Control of the Samsung Galaxy?

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Today we are going to see How to customize the control of the Edge Panel of the Samsung Galaxy to leave it as we really like it and make it more comfortable for us.

It is not a novelty that any Android device allows us to fully customize it. Samsung Galaxy devices always offer a level beyond in this regard and something that we can change at will is the Edge panel control, to personalize it and leave it as we like the most.

We are going to see a simple tutorial so that you learn how to do it and leave it to your personal taste. We are also going to recommend one app that will help you modify the entire visual aspect of your device so that it is very different from any other Samsung Galaxy.

Customize Edge Panel Control on Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy lets you customize Edge dashboard control the way you want by modifying the size, position, transparency and color. We are going to see step by step how you should do to be able to customize it to the fullest.

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  • The first thing you need to do is swipe on the Edge screen controller.
  • If you look at the bottom left of the screen, you will see a gear icon, click on it.
  • Now you will be in “Edge panels”Here you will have to click on the three points that appear in the upper right part of the screen.
  • A menu with a few options is displayed. You will have to click on the one that says “Edge panel controller”.
  • Now you can choose the options you want. The first is to choose the position of the side you want either left or right.
  • The next thing to do is choose the color and as you can see you have a huge variety of them to select from. You can also choose the level of transparency and the size.
  • If you go down a bit you can see more options, such as vibration which you can choose whether to activate or not.

Once finished you can return to the home screen. Now swipe the edge screen controller and you will be able to view all the changes that you previously applied.

Customize your Samsung Galaxy to the maximum

In case you want to continue customizing your Samsung Galaxy to the maximum, there is an application that is ideal for this class of mobile phones: Good Lock.

With this application you can install many interesting functions so that you can achieve extreme customization and make your Galaxy considerably different from any other.

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In order to enjoy all the accessories that Good Lock offers us, you must install Nice Lock, which will make your life much easier. But what does it offer us?

Samsung Task Changer

With this you can customize the menu of the applications that are in the background. Changing the way you see them Do you like the list? Grid? Carousel? Order the apps the way you want.

Samsung Multistar

What this plugin does is modify the way multitasking works of our Galaxy. It can be configured in different ways and customized.

Samsung ClockFace

It will allow us to change the design of the clock that is on the lock screen with a wide range of possibilities and options. You can add icons of all kinds.

Samsung LockStar

For those people who want to fully customize the lock screen without limitations of any kind. With this plugin it is something too simple, fast and with a lot of freedom when configuring it.

Samsung NavStar

You will be able to modify the icons of your navigation dock, not only change the icons, but also modify their size, order, color, etc.

Samsung QuickStar

Customize the connectors in the notification area in a matter of seconds and without any kind of limitation.

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