How to Deactivate and Stop Receiving SMS Messages of Orders Already on my Mobile

If you have taken advantage of the services that Orders Now offers, you will surely have noticed that it sends SMS messages to promote its services and offers. It is possible that at some point it becomes uncomfortable and you want to know how to deactivate and stop receiving SMS messages from Orders Already on my mobile So in this article we will show you the way to achieve it.

Order Now

«Orders Now» is a company dedicated to delivery online. This company has a mobile application so that users can make their requests and qualify orders from the App. In this way, a connection is established between the restaurant and the user in order for the delivery men to deliver a product at home.

Advertising messages through mobile marketing

The use of the mobile device has grown stronger over time. This reality is well known by companies and, therefore, they have decided to develop marketing using SMS messages to present your products and / or services.

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In this way, entrepreneurs aim to reach their customers directly by informing about a company’s promotions and their offers. They develop this through a previously planned strategy after adopting the use of SMS for segmented groups.

How to deactivate and stop receiving SMS messages from Orders Now on my mobile

Do you know how Orders Now works? If the answer is yes and you are receiving a lot of SMS messages from this company, don’t worry because there is a way to deactivate them. Next, we present the procedure to get rid of the insistent advertising messages that Orders Now sends to your mobile.

Access the Order Now application

Initially, access the Order Now application from your mobile device. To do so, locate the icon that corresponds to the App of said company and log into your account. You will find a menu on the left side of the screen that you must display.

Modify your account settings

Once you enter the application menu, make sure to press the «My account» option. Then access the Setting which you can find right in the first row.

There, you will see options referring to «Receive on your cell phone”. In this space, you must deactivate the switch that corresponds to «Discounts and news» as well as «Reminders of comments».

Use an optional tool

If you do not want to access the «Orders Now» application, you can choose a text blocker as «Block Text». This application is available on Google Play and will allow you to deactivate and / or stop receiving SMS from Orders Now and from any other delivery company.

Use Block Text

Once you download and install the application on your mobile device where you receive SMS messages, you will see the option of «block sender «. Thanks to this function, you will not receive any more messages from Orders Now.

leave to receive sms orders already

To use Block Text, you must create a filter where you can include the phone numbers where you do not want to receive more SMS messages so that they do not go to the inbox of your device.

Do you want to delete your Orders Now account?

Additionally, if you want to delete the Orders Now account on your mobile device, it is necessary contact administrators of the site so that they can approve said process.

Make the request to delete the account in Orders Now

To request the elimination of the account in Orders, you must access the official website and choose the country of residence. Then, locate the «Contact» option that you will find at the bottom of the window.

Subsequently, Fill out the form requesting the deletion of your account and indicating the reasons that drive you to make said request. The company will send you a message to your email when your application has been successfully processed. You can also make a claim to Orders Now in case you do not receive a response from the administrators of the App.

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