How to Deactivate or Activate DiDi Delivery, DiDi Express or DiDi Economy Requests

Although technology has advanced to facilitate certain tasks for many people, it seems that we have less and less time. Today’s society is constantly and frequently in a hurry and they use certain tools to fulfill your duties.

Knowing how to deactivate or activate requests for DIDI Delivery, DIDI Express or DIDI Economy, without a doubt, is something that will help you a lot.

This function has not always been in this popular app. In fact, it is not available in all regions. If you belong to the organization of drivers of this platform, this information is very useful.

What is DiDi?

This company is of Chinese origin and has been expanding to several countries on different continents. Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Australia and Brazil are some of the countries that can enjoy these services.

DiDi, initially, was born as an interesting application that facilitates the request for private transport (taxis). The main attraction offered by this company, of course, is having the low cost transportation services.

didi transport service

Evolution of the application

DiDi’s main competitors were forced to make certain modifications to their services and rates. The response from this platform was immediate.

This application offered, practically exclusively, the DiDi Express service, a taxi service. But over time other services emergedsuch as DiDi Economy, and DiDi Delivery.

DiDi Economy arises as a proposal from the Chinese company to make discounts on the rates offered. These discounts range between 10 and 20%. This service, it should be noted, is available only during certain hours. The hours, of course, vary by region.

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DiDi Delivery, on the other hand, is a proposal that is consolidated after the imposition of COVID-19 in several countries. Given the need to send or receive packages and the recommendation to leave home, this was a great solution. With this function or service it is even possible to request the shipment of 10 packages.

DiDi for drivers

Deactivate or activate DiDi Delivery, DiDi Express or DiDi Economy requests is a feature available for drivers. As you can imagine, this application has been an important income for many people.

If you are one of those people who are looking for a way to make money with DiDi, you need to know this function. The purpose of it is that, if you are very busy, you can reject or block requests for services.

That way, you will avoid requests that could put you against the clock. Accessing these settings from your DiDi profile is actually quite a simple procedure.

  1. Enter the DiDi application.
  2. In the application interface, just below the GPS icon, you will find the option “Travel preferences”.
  3. Next, you will come across a number of options. Among them, the DiDi Express, Economy and Delivery requests will surely be enabled.
  4. If you notice that the request options are marked in orange it is because, indeed, they are enabled.
  5. All you need to do is click on them to deactivate them and click on the “Save” button.

disable didi requests

Have the changes been made?

The application will automatically send you to the main interface. To verify that the action has taken effect, you must click on your profile photo. If you’ve left only one of the options active, then that should appear just below your name.

To reactivate the option, you just have to repeat the steps described above. Once you have clicked on the “Save” button, you verify the changes by entering your profile.

If you have problems enabling or disabling any of these options, remember that you can always contact DiDi support. That way, you will receive free, timely and effective care and advice.

Work with complete peace of mind!

As you will see, deactivate or activate the DiDi Delivery, DiDi Express or DiDi Economy requests it is something very useful. For those days when you find yourself with overload, you can make use of this function.

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In this way, you will finish the service you are providing with total calm and tranquility. Remember, the most important thing is always, but always! Provide a quality service. What are you waiting to deactivate or activate the DiDi Delivery, DiDi Express or DiDi Economy requests?

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