How to Delete a PowerPoint Slide on Cell Phone Easily

PowerPoint is a type of computer program that allows the graphics illustration in the form of an assisted presentation. Basically the person creates a kind of portfolio in which they can reflect any information either in the form of texts or images and they can expose it to a group of spectators.

It should be noted that this office program is one of the most used for creating slides. Since it provides a series of very useful and fun options and functions, with which its users can have an incredible experience. It even allows you to insert an animated GIF, we can also create a synoptic table and delete a slide from the cellphone.

Undoubtedly, this is a very intuitive function, but also very pleasant for users who usually carry out their audiovisual works from their phones. In this article we will show you step by step the procedure to delete a PowerPoint slide from your cell phone. This will make it more practical for you.

How to easily delete a slide from PowerPoint on cell phone?

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The importance of PowerPoint in today’s society is almost indescribable. And it is impossible to show a scenario of the life of a person in which this type of strategy is not merited to present an idea or exhibition to a specific group and at the same time do it in a simple and much more dynamic way. This without counting the saving of materials. Since everything will be done digitally.

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In other words, it could be said that PowerPoint has the quality of accompanying users in any aspect of their personal life. From the beginning of his academic preparation where he deserves support material such as slide presentation to expose a particular educational topic. Until the moment when you are already working as a worker and need to reflect the income and expenses of your company for example.

Based on this, we could say that there is an imperative need to know how to get the most out of this digital tool. And particularly for how you can create, edit and manage a PowerPoint slide.

Steps to delete a PowerPoint slide on cell phone easily

The available version of PowerPoint for Android and your iPhone mobile is quite useful for creating, editing and presenting material quickly. Since it has most of the tools available in the program developed for computers.

On Android devices there is an application belonging to Google services, which is responsible for playing the files that are in PowerPoint format (Google presentations). Enter this and select the group of slides you need to edit.

Use PowerPoint on android

Now swipe until you find the slide you want to delete. Hold down your finger for a long time until the delete icon appears and tap to perform this action.

You also have the option to delete multiple slides with a single tap. To do this, select all the slides and then click on the option «more» to enter the menu of available options and there you give the delete option. To insert a new slide you can enter the group of slides that you need to edit and place yourself on the slide where you need to create a new one so that it can be found earlier.

Tap in the lower right corner on the slide symbol (represented by an icon that looks like a rectangle and a plus sign). Select the type of template you want to use and start editing your new slide. You can also opt for the option of duplicating your template to make the process much more practical. To do this, select the presentation you want to edit and keep pressed on the template to be duplicated.

Wait for the options icon to appear and tap on copy and then paste. The new template will appear after the original.

Finally, it should be noted that the PowerPoint program is one of the most complete in terms of creating slides. It offers a dynamic, practical interface with numerous tools. In this way, you can give excellent customization to your presentations. Such as adding or removing an audio, effects, font, color, adding images and much more.

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