How to Delete and Delete my Rappi Account Forever? – Step by step (Example)

Home applications are a great alternative to avoid going out in these turbulent times. However, no they are always as good as expected, causing more work than relief. This is why today’s tutorial was created, so that you can learn how to delete and delete my Rappi account.

And, although Rappi can be very good, sometimes you have its small details that added together can become a bigger problem. In addition to this, nowadays there are many other App that do the same as this one, soe there are several options to change the air, which you can get just by putting in the browser what are the best applications to order food at home?

Before deleting your account you should know the following

As you read in the subtitle, before you can proceed to delete and delete my Rappi account, you have to take some details into consideration so that later there are no regrets.

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The first of these is that your order history will be lost, that is, all the transactions that you have made since you created your account will be deleted. So if you had something stored there or need that information for an invoice, it is better to remove it before deleting.

Your user ID or profile will also be lost, meaning that any changes or edits you have made will be gone forever (everything will be completely removed as if it never existed).

mobile rappi application

Due to this you have to take into consideration that if you are going to use Rappi again after deleting your data, you will have to do it with a completely new account, where you will have to go through all the confirmation processes from 0.

Finally and more as a recommendation than a warning, you have to spend all your credits, because due to how RappiCreditos work, you will not be able to recover them either.

Process to delete and delete my Rappi account step by step

With what was read above you are already more than warned about what can happen if you delete your data, so it is time to proceed with the steps that will let you know how to delete and delete my Rappi account ?.

First of all, you have to know that uninstalling the application will not delete the account. Since your account is linked to your phone number and email, so just deleting the App does not delete anything (you will not even be able to stop receiving messages from Rappi). If you have that clear, it is time to continue with the process.

Step number 1

First of all make sure the account is in active statusIf this is the case, then proceed to press the user icon that appears in the upper left corner of the screen, with that a menu of options will be displayed.

Step number 2

Within the menu that opened, click on the option called «Account settings», then press the «Delete account”(If you don’t see this option at first, scroll down the screen and you should find it).

Step number 3

Finally and to finish the process, you will be asked to enter your user password, so that it can be done confirm delete option, put the password and click «OK», with that everything will be finished and open the account deleted.

rappi ally visa card

Then uninstall the App from your mobile (you can download it again from the PlayStore whenever you want). This is not mandatory, but you can still do it to make room. That’s in case your next step is something like signing up for Uber Eats.

And voila, with everything you have read, you have finally completed the tutorial, so the initial question of How to delete and delete my Rappi account? Is completely clear, now You just need to go to your mobile and follow the steps to the letter so that you can carry out the process effectively.

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