How to Delete or Recover the History of Deleted Telegram Chats or Text Messages

Telegram like many other applications is a instant messaging platform, not to say the number two favorite application after WhatsApp.

This has been growing and expanding over the last few years, drawing the attention of many users who have decided to try it, since the application has strengths like the sending of several files and the experience in broadcasting messages en masse.

However, we cannot discredit that Telegram is not the number one application, since the impact it has been having lately deserves recognition, taking advantage of even the most recent controversy with the update of Terms and Conditions of Facebook and WhatsApp, where many users had doubts about continue in these networks and gave the opportunity to test the Telegram network.

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In the course of updating the new Terms and Conditions, Telegram in just 72 hours received more than 25 million new users, thus reaching a total of more than 500 million active users on the Internet, something that undoubtedly made the giant WhatsApp tremble and be forced to launch a statement through their stories, informing their users that privacy is also important for them.

What does Telegram offer us?

Something that has made Telegram stand out to the other applications are its sections in Security and Privacy, since all our information such as messages, images, videos, drafts, contacts and others are encrypted with a technology called MTProto, which is stored on Telegram’s servers, creating practically an unlimited personal cloud storage.

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Also Telegram has something very interesting and that is no need for a smartphone or mobile number To make it work, from the official Telegram page you can download its version for PC, both installable and portable, you can have the number of open sessions you like without rollers and annoying backup copies, as well as being able to transfer files of any type between active sessions .

Saved Messages is one of the options that the application also has, we can use it to forward messages to ourselves, whether they are ours or someone else’s that we want to store, as well as within the same saved message chat we have the possibility of using it as a kind of agenda, we can send ourselves audios, videos, etc.

One of its popular functions, we can also tell you that it is the creation of groups or information channels, where you can create or join a channel with a specific theme, either to stay informed on a news channel or also for pleasure to see groups with leisure purposes, even when creating your chats you can choose if they are common or otherwise a secret chat, where the messages are even self destructing.

And since we talk about chats or Telegram messages, we have an option of how to archive these conversations, so that you cannot see them with the naked eye, as you can also delete a telegram chat message without leaving a prompt that it has been deleted, even going further you can still delete the history of a conversation for both yourself and the person who is included in the conversation.

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How do we delete or recover our messages?

If we want to delete a message We enter the chat, select the message, go to the trash can icon, select if we want the message to be deleted also for the other person and confirm in Delete, if we want to delete the chat, within it we go to the box with three dots and we click on Delete Chat, we go to the box so that the other person can also delete our conversation and confirm on Delete Chat.

In the event that we have mistakenly deleted our conversations there is an option to retrieve them, by means of the Android data recovery software it is possible to bring them back, once we have searched for and installed it on our computer we must do the following steps:

  1. We connect our cell phone to the PC.
  2. We execute EaseUs MobiSaber for Android which is the data retriever.
  3. After a few minutes the program will show us a preview with the messages, images or any type of information that has been removed from Telegram.
  4. We select them to return and after other minutes they will have returned to our application.

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