How to Delete or Remove a Credit Card from the Play Store – Step by Step (Example)

Google Play Store is a very robust platform that allows you to make purchases through various means of payment. In case you want to use a new payment alternative, we recommend reading this article with which you will learn how to remove or remove a credit card from the Play Store – step by step

The Play Store payment methods

Google Play Store allows make digital content and app purchases that are of broad interest. In this regard, there are various forms of payment available so that the user can select the most convenient one.

Once the first purchase is made, the payment method that has been configured is stored in the user’s Google account. Furthermore, it is possible update payment settings as long as the user wants to change the payment method or solve payment problems in his account.

What are the available forms of payment?

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Google Play Store facilitates the purchasing process for users through its various forms of payment. In this sense, you can use credit or debit cards, Google Play gift cards, PayPal, Google Play balance or through the billing of the cell phone operator.

How to delete or remove a credit card from the Play Store – step by step

If you have already made purchases of Apps and other digital content in the Google Play Store through a credit card but want to remove this form of payment, read each of the steps that we present below.

Access the Google Play Store

First of all, you need to log into the Play Store with your Google account. In this way, you can access Google Play Store from your mobile device. Once you enter the application, press the three horizontal lines that appear in the upper left part of the interface. There, select the option «Payment methods».

pay credit card

Enter the configuration of the means of payment

In a new screen, you will see the different payment methods that you registered. Press the option «More payment settings». The Google Chrome browser will open to display the payment settings of your account. There, you must find the credit card that you want to delete or delete. Then press «Delete.»

Change the payment method

Is essential replace the payment method in the Play Store. Therefore, before proceeding to remove the credit card, you must make sure to update the payment mode since if you do not do this step, it will be impossible to remove the current payment option. You can also choose to cancel a purchase on Google Play from Android when necessary.

Can I buy in the Play Store without a credit card?

Indeed, it is possible to make purchases on the Google Play Store without having a credit card. In fact, one of the most viable alternatives is the use of PayPal as a means of payment. With this platform, you can make purchases or transfer money to other people.

google play logo

In the same way, you can use the telephone bill to buy on Google Play. Before opting for this option, check if your operator supports this payment method. In addition, you can take advantage of gift cards that are usually offered in electronics stores. These cards contain a secret code that you will need at the time of purchase. Remember to put a password on purchases from the Play Store to protect the process.

Can I remove a credit card from the Play Store through my computer?

it’s possible remove a credit card from the Play Store from your computer. To do so, you must enter your Google Play account from the PC through this Google link. Then, you must click on «Edit payment methods».

Immediately, you will access the Google payment account. Select the option «Payment methods» that you will find in the upper left part of the interface. Next, locate the credit card you want to remove and click «Remove.»

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