How to Delete or Remove the Seen in a Story from my Instagram Easily

Instagram is one of the most recognized and important social networks on the planet. Over the years this has managed to collect millions of users Proving in this way to be one of the most famous applications of today along with other important examples that we can get in these respective facets or areas such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and others.

First of all, we have to go to the beginnings of this incredible platform. Instagram was born in mid-2010. At this time, it was officially launched on the app market, competing with other large-scale adversaries such as Facebook. Mainly it was exclusively available for all those mobile devices that had the Android or iOS operating systems.

Since its inception, this application has marked a before and after in the world of social networks due to its proposal of present a new and different alternative to users. Currently, a count was made in which it is estimated that Instagram has nothing more and nothing less than more than 1000 million active users on the platform, thus being at the top of apps.

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But all this impact that this social network has generated in the market has its respective response and this is about the various functions, options, tools and services that Instagram has to offer us, not counting its innovative interface and interesting operation completely different from other popular ones. social networks such like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, among others.

Below we will tell you more about all the incredible features that Instagram provides its respective users and which of these has generated the most buzz in the world of technology, so follow us and find out of all the data, information and details related to the functions offered by this new and interesting social network.

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What functions and tools does Instagram offer its users?

Instagram has a quite different modality to get things done. This social network is totally focused on content based on photos and videos. Therefore, you do not have the function of writing some kind of opinion and sharing it as a post, or at least not in the same way as on Facebook or Twitter. From here you can publish any type of photo or video at any time.

We will also have the ability to edit our photos and videos From the platform of this social network, we can also comment on other people’s publications. But we are omitting one of the most interesting options of Instagram, the stories. Stay and find out everything about this great feature for users of this platform.

What are Instagram stories?

This is undoubtedly the main implement by which Instagram achieved global success. The stories are about small publications that have a time estimated duration which is 24 hours. The objective of these is to show our respective followers any type of activity or action that we are carrying out during the course of our day.

Is with the future has evolved in a great way adding a wide variety of options within said service. We currently have special filters to place our photos and videos, camera effects, different types of fonts, options to implement songs in our stories, to add stickers, gifs and many more variants within this incredible tool.

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How to remove or remove the seen in a story from my Instagram easily?

The main point of the stories is that our followers can see them and we can see theirs. But perhaps in some cases you wish that a few did not have this possibility. To prevent these people from seeing our stories we will have to follow a few simple steps. Once we upload the story we will go to the option of views within it.

From here we will select the people that we do not want to see our stories again, once this is done, we will be presented with the option to «hide history» and there we will finally click. Already done this we will be done with our mission, these people will not be able to see our stories again when we publish them until you remove this small block from them again.

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