How to Delete or Remove Users from Favorites Section on Badoo Easily

Created by the Russian Andrey Andreev several years ago, specifically, in 2006, this social network has been growing considerably over the years.

There are currently more than 400 million registered users, and it is estimated approximately 35 million active. And although it is mainly free, it is considered ‘freemium’ so you need to pay to enjoy certain features.

If you have a Badoo account, you may be interested in remove users from favorites sectionWell then, you’ve come to the right place. You have two options, although first, you must enter the page or the Badoo mobile application.

Upon entering, you can select favorites box in the left menu of the social network. The first option is to search for the profile you want to delete from the list.

After finding it, access the profile directly and click on the button with three dots to finally select the option “Remove from favorites”. The other possible option is to block or eliminate the person.

What is Badoo and what is it for?

As you may already be imagining, this social network allows the connection between two people. On Badoo, you have a “bank” of hundreds (or thousands) of people around you, with whom you can converse and finally meet in person.

It is mainly used by single people, both young and old, to find their ideal partner or “the perfect match”. However, don’t trust it! You might run into some cheats on Badoo who are already in a relationship.

The steps to sign up for Badoo are very simple, and the best part is that you can do it from your home using a computer or laptop, or from the comfort that any place offers you using your Android or iOS mobile device.

delete or remove users from favorites section on badoo easily

In this article you could learn how to delete a favorite user, but also, there is the possibility of deleting the “like” given to another person, in this way, you can cut off any relationship future or pre-existing in case you’ve already started the conversation.

Recommendations when meeting new people on Badoo

If you’ve been talking to someone on Badoo for a long time, and you were even able to add them to your contact list on the social network, then you can have certain degree of confidence with said person.

However, you must be very objective when starting conversations on Badoo, remember that there may be false profiles, people impersonating some idea they plan to gain your trust in order to harm you later.

It is because of that you must be very careful When having a conversation on Badoo, do not give personal information, or your home address, and of course, no bank information.

However, some people may have been talking for some time, so in theory, they have gained enough trust in each other to finally meet.

In this case, it is suggested that you go to the appointment with a friend and that they stay in the surroundings without the person with whom we are meeting noticing, in this way, we will be a little safer and rest assured that everything will be fine.

Similar alternatives to Badoo

Believe it or not, there are a lot of free dating apps, so if Badoo doesn’t end up being to your liking, don’t worry, you can try the other options that we indicate below.

users of the favorites section on badoo

And also, do not feel bad about giving this type of social networks a chance, a large number of people, especially in the United States, have met and then married through this type of application.

In a world as interconnected as the one we live in today, you can assume that this is not the only existing applicationWell, you got it right! Since over the years the interest in this type of applications has increased.

One of the most popular currently it is Tinder, with almost 400 million users worldwide, followed by Bumble, which has up to 100 million people registered.

Finally, we mention Meetic, also remembering that there are apps for people from the LGBTIQ + community, for example, one of the best known: Grindr.

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