How to Delete Rows Containing Certain Word in Excel Step by Step (Example)

When a user requests to delete the rows with the same word, it is because he needs to make said content disappear to comfortably work the remaining information.

Spreadsheets have proven to be an efficient tool for manipulating databases. Since it allows to carry out this type of functions in favor of facilitate the analysis of information.

Microsoft Excel is part of the Office suite. Which was programmed with the purpose of making a place among the companies that need to transcribe and back up their documents on a computer.

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Such an idea prevails to this day, since there is no company that does not manipulate its data through the programs that make up this suite, Excel being one of the main ones.

Although delete rows With the same word it seems to be a simple job that can be carried out by sight, in large databases or with a lot of content, it is really difficult to complete it. When it comes to locating specific information, Excel has several functions that will allow you to do this quickly.

Becoming an expert handling Excel is a very useful skill for everyday life. So if you want to learn how to perform this task, keep reading this article.

It manages to remove the rows that contain a certain word through the basic functions of Excel!

It may be that more than once you have found yourself in the need to do disappear a certain record from the table, or from the database you work through the spreadsheet, but checking cell by cell seems tedious.

remove rows containing a certain word

Similarly, creating and running a macro is truly unnecessary for such a simple task. It would take longer to configure the action of the same than the time it would take to complete the erase. It is best used when you need to import file names quickly.

What you do not know is that, as in any other situation, Microsoft Excel owns the solution. This time it is not worth applying long formulas or coding to achieve it. Through the basic functions you can complete this task.

Find the word that makes up the cells

Avoid wasting hours in front of the screen trying to locate them visually. since the program It has a «Search» function. This will allow you to find the word next to the number of times it is doubled.

You can begin to delete rows with the same word by pressing the «Start» tab, then the «Modify» button, which is the access to the «Search» dialog box, where you can enter the characters you want to delete.

After clicking on the «Search all» button, a list will appear with the number of cells that contain the characters that you have conditioned to find.

Select and delete cells with a certain word

Therefore, to continue speeding up the process of eliminating the rows with the same word, you must click on one of the cells and then press the combination of «Ctrl + A”. The result will be the fully shaded cell list.

After closing the «Find and Select» function dialog box, all the boxes containing the word you have determined will be automatically grayed out.

Select and delete cells with a certain word

As a last step, it will only be necessary to delete them. You can achieve this through the «Delete» button, the «Ctrl + Subtraction symbol» shortcut or through the «Cells» button found inside the home, to click on «Delete».

This will show a small window that will allow you to choose the action to carry out. So you should try to mark the one that talks about «Delete all rows» and then press on accept.

Once finished, you will be able to work comfortably with the rest of the data that continues to make up the table. Which you can re-debug through this simple method every time you stop needing them.

Also, discover the advanced excel functions It has never seemed so easy. Well, through simple options, a task that seemed difficult to perform is completed. For example, replacing or removing asterisks in your Excel spreadsheet.

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