How to Detect the Movement of People at Home Through WiFi as a Sensor

Today we live in a chaotic world full of technology that is capable of doing things that we do not even imagine. From making a simple phone call to taking a photograph, they are all things that some fifty years ago would have seemed impossible.

It is certain that you want to continue innovating and enjoying technology, so today we show you how detect the movement of people at home through WiFi as a sensor easily.

Yes, as you have heard, it is totally possible to use our usual WiFi as a motion detector sensor. This can be very useful, especially if you have left home and want to be aware of what is happening there. We encourage you to keep reading and discover all you have to do to turn your WiFi into a sensor to detect motion.

How to detect movement through WiFi?

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Anyone who has lived in the last century can assure that advances in technology have taken an immense leap, offering us tools and options that greatly facilitate our daily lives. The mere fact of having a network like WiFi in our homes is something that we would never have imagined.

And just as it is possible to turn a Webcam into a surveillance camera, we can also take advantage of our WiFi network for security purposes. Although it may sound somewhat complicated, it is actually very simple if we use the right tools and follow the steps correctly, and we encourage you to give it a try.

home and smartphone with wifi network

Here we show you everything you must do to detect the movement of people, animals or objects through your WiFi network easily and quickly. To begin, we will tell you everything you need to know about this new technology.

What do you need to know to detect movement over WiFi?

When creating a secure WiFi network we have many doubts about it, since it is likely that we wonder what are the options available when using it. The truth is that different researchers also ask the same thing, so they decide to innovate and create new functions for the famous WiFi.

In 2013 a new functionality was created, which allows, when connecting two antennas, the movement of humans is detected even through walls. In its beginnings this technology was especially used to detect movements in landslides or earthquakes, and was baptized with the name of Wi-Vi.

Later, in 2017, the «Capture RF» technology was created, which allows us to detect movement in large spaces. But, speaking of our home, how is it possible to detect movements through the WiFi network? Here’s how.

Detect Motion Over WiFi with Linksys Aware

The famous Linksys company has not been left behind in this field, so it has developed an excellent method that we can use to detect movement through our WiFi network. It offers us the modern Linksys Aware system, which, through simple devices and an app that we can download to our smartphone, allows us to detect movement in our home.

city ​​with smartphone and network

It is a paid service that consists of place devices in different parts of the home or Mesh nodes, through which motion data can be obtained where necessary. These nodes are directly connected to an app available on the Google Play Store and Play Store, where all the data of the movements that have been carried out during the day are given, whether animal or human.

From the app we can establish the level of sensitivity that we want, that is, the size of the bodies that you want to be detected. We can also access motion history and schedule notifications at a time that is appropriate for us.

There is no doubt that this service can be very useful for protect our home from potential intruders or keep a secure record of all activity in our home. And if you want to further protect your home, you can even access your security camera remotely through other systems. We hope that you can greatly enjoy this information, and that you be able to use this technology.

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