How to Develop a Proposal for a Marketing Strategy for a Company

Currently the so-called marketing is well known, and many companies and small entrepreneurs use this medium to promote your products. So a marketing plan serves as a document that allows you to meet sales goals and make there a constant flow of customers. In this way we will talk about how to develop a proposal for a marketing strategy for a company, more easily and step by step.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a report that every company makes annually with the following aspects or factors that determine a proposal.

  • Have a main purpose for each year or that current year.
  • Market and company position.
  • Concept of the clients or users of the company.
  • Core Campaigns to be carried out and the objective expected by the campaign.
  • Annual action plan or scheme, where it appears when and who will apply the different measures planned for that year.
  • Expenses to be invested in each established action.
  • Contingency plan or as it is known plan B, this is essential for when an unscheduled eventuality arises.

Why is a marketing plan or proposal needed?

A marketing proposal is essential for investments to be made correctly and with a central objective, here are more reasons why it is important.

  1. Tea motivates you to focus on measurable goals.
  2. You will be able to keep in mind who your client is and what needs they have.
  3. With a good proposal you can make your marketing actions are well focused on both the goals set and your client.
  4. You can save money by focusing only on those actions that are effective.
  5. The proposal will help you create a financial forecast, you will have a vision about the long-term actions and how much resources you will invest.
  6. You will be able to have an analysis at the end of the year to be able to notice the strengths and weaknesses and what lessons you learned.
  7. With the marketing program or plan you can see before completing the entire budget of a project and what changes you can make.

making the budget

In short, a marketing program is a guide that allows the marketing process to force you to think about the best way to attract customers. So the document that you start should not just stay on the sheet, but you must execute it for it to be successful.

Develop your strategic marketing plan or proposal

For now we will show you what elements a strategic marketing proposal should have, and that these are mandatory to have a good performance.


In a marketing plan it is essential to have a mission or objective, since if it is not carried out it is likely that do not have beneficial fruits of your investment. So they have to be in the margin that allows you to achieve your goals, then we expose what element those are:

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  1. The mission must be quantifiable or measurable.
  2. A specific or precise goal is a huge advantage.
  3. Has to have a stipulated or maximum time to fulfill them.
  4. The products to be offered must be achievable for the public or your customers.

If you do not establish these objectives, it will be useless to make a proposal, since the elements specified above are the basis of your marketing proposal.


It is essential to create a budget or an expense for the execution of the objectives set, and this should not exceed the limit set. In the budget you can include money or time or both at the same time, but that allows you to complete your goal or objective.


To know if your plan is fulfilling its objective, you must apply a ruler to measure if the proposed project is working.

Market and company position

Before launching a product or article, it is essential to check the market situation, which is what is attracting the most customers, to make an effective launch.

Marketing positioning

Once you are clear about the situation of your market and the strengths and weaknesses that you must overcome, it is time to build positioning.

raising marketing positioning

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These are the factors that you must take into account to make a good proposal, we hope that this article will help you to position yourself in marketing successfully.

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