How to Disable Access to Microsoft Edge About: flags Page (Example)

The About: Flags of the Microsoft Edge Browser in an area where you can access options such as the Developer Settings. The configurations that it has should never be modified, since they are totally complex to restore them. Of course, if later you want to activate the options of the secret configuration menu of Microsoft Edge, you can also do it

By default all Microsoft Edge users can have access to about: flags. This can present problems if someone outside your computer modifies or changes default options that should not be changed. To help you how to deactivate it and thus avoid the inconveniences that this produces, we help you how to do it.

If you wish disable access to the About: Flags page, we tell you what you must do to achieve this effectively and safely. You will briefly see two practical methods of executing page deactivation.

Note: Microsoft Edge invites you to download the new Edge browser, which has better performance, privacy and productivity when browsing.

First practical method to disable about: flags from Microsoft Edge

We want to remember that you must follow the method indicated below in an orderly and precise manner: Mode 1: Group Policy Editor Windows 10.

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managing to deactivate the page aboutflags

  1. You must press the keys Windows + R. once you carry out this process, the Run tool will appear. There you will type the following command: Gpedit.msc.
  2. Select Enter and the Group Policy editor window will open. Once you come across this window you should go to: Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Components of Windows-Microsoft.
  3. Then you need to disable access to the About: Flags page in Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 10.
  4. Then, on the right side, a window will appear where it gives you several options. You have to double-click the one that mentions “Prevent access to the About: flags page in Microsoft Edge.
  5. Once the previous process has been carried out, you must make sure that you have followed all the steps, you must press click on the option ENABLED.
  6. You must also keep in mind to preserve the changes in clicking on the “Save” option and thus you will be able to process all the information.

If you want to revert the changes made previously, you just have to go back to the previous options and reconfigure the page About: Flags. Something important to keep in mind is that you must manage the passwords saved in Microsoft Edge, in order to prevent them from being erased.

Second practical deactivation method

The second method to deactivate the About: Flags page in Microsoft Edge is practical and simple, you just have to follow the following steps very well. Mode 2: Windows 10 Registry Editor.

  • Go to your keyboard and parallel press the Windows key + R. At the moment the run window will appear and will write the following command: Regedit.
  • Then press the Enter key or (Enter) and the following Windows Registry Editor window will appear.
  • Next, you will see an address bar at the top of the window. And in this box you will write an address, this will be to locate the correct password. This is the URL you need to enter: HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft.
  • Once you locate the key, you will need to create a new password. Right click on Microsoft and go to the menu and choose the New-Password option. The key to write must be named as Microsoft Edge, but as Main.
  • Once you are located on the Main key, the following element should appear Prevent / AccessTo / AboutFlags / InMicrosoftEdge. If this item cannot be found, you will need to create it as follows.

block aboutflags page

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  • Double click the right mouse button and press the context menu option. Once there, press the option New-32-bit DWORD key and place the following key Prevent / AccessTo / AboutFlags / InMicrosoftEdge and the deactivation process will be ready.
  • Afterwards, you must double click on the newly created key to bring up a window. Here you must enter the number 1 on the Value information field. Hit ok and proceed with closing the Windows registry editor. AND for security lock the configuration.

We hope that these tips will be very useful, something you can also do is disable automatic startup when starting Windows 10 from Microsoft Edge. In this way you will protect the information on your browser and your computer.

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