How to Disable Access to the CMD System Symbol in Windows 10

The versatility of the operating system is already known Windows and beyond that of the different configurable functions that it has. This is why, if we are not the only ones to use the computer, it is possible that someone with average knowledge of its use could make changes without permission. As we understand this, today we want to teach you how to disable access to CMD command prompt in Windows 10.

cmd system

This is possible because this Command Prompt tool can access many tasks and be modified. Something that could have dire consequences.

If a curious user enters this window to make changes, the results can be fatal for the system. This is why it is suggested that this function be deactivated and only the administrator can have access to it.

In Windows, these have been a widely used tool to carry out specific tasks on the system. But now with the new version of Windows 10 it is possible to use another tool much more powerful than the previous one. And if you want you can with simple replace the cmd command prompt by PowerShell.

How to disable access to the CMD command prompt in Windows 10

If we are the administrator user of a computer that works with the operating system Windows 10, we don’t want someone else to have access to the command prompt for any reason. Especially if the simple path to it is already known, through the executable box and typing the command cmd.

Is that through this console, you can perform various tasks at the administrative level, configure important aspects of the operating system, among other things. So if we have decided disable command prompt access, here we will indicate the simple steps to execute so that this is applicable from now on.

Here are the steps to disable access to the CMD command prompt in Windows 10

Before starting, you should know that we are going to enter the system registry in order to disable access to CMD command prompt in Windows 10. And for this reason we must be extremely careful in the changes that we are going to make. So the first thing we are going to do is go to the Windows 10 start menu and type the following command in the search box.

Regedit and then we will follow the following path in this registry, HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Policies Microsoft Windows System. It is very likely that you will not get the System section and we will have no choice but to create it. To do this, we will go to the menu that is on the right side.

In this way we will have the path we need, now we must create the 32 bit DWORD type value and the value name will be DisableCMD.

Now the next step is to enter the value information. If we put the number 2, we will deactivate the command line. But if we put the number 1 instead, it would also disable the command line, as well as the use of batch files.

In this way we finish with the changes that we are going to make in the registry and we must exit it and then restart our computer. In this way the changes we have made will be applied, we insist that you be very careful when you enter this delicate area of ​​the system.

Once the Windows 10 operating system is reloaded, you can verify that the access to the command prompt has been restricted. We know for logical reasons that you must at some point reactivate this tool. To do this, you just have to follow the same steps that we indicate in this tutorial and undo or delete the entry you created.

disable access windows 10

You realize how easy it can be to disable features in Windows 10, so that only you can have complete control over your computer. And in what it took you to read the article, you have learned how to disable access to CMD command prompt in Windows 10.

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