How to Disable Automatic Chapter Playback on Netflix

In today’s article we will see how to turn off autoplay of chapters on Netflix, something that for many is comfortable and for others it can be something quite annoying.

Netflix offers a large catalog of movies, series, documentaries, TV shows, stan-up and quite varied content for children. All this at an extremely affordable price. It has different functions to make our lives much easier when using its service.

One of these functions is the rautoplay, which is quite useful for when we are going to do a marathon of a series. However, when we don’t have that time, we watch a single episode and then go back to our day to day.

The problem is, how do we go about turning off autoplay? Do not worry, because it is easier than you think. In addition, you can apply it to a profile, without having to disturb the other people who use the account if they like to have the automatic reproduction.

In the following tutorial we will see not only how to deactivate the automatic playback of episodes but also that of the advances while browsing the catalog. Something that can end up being quite annoying at times.

How to turn off automatic playback of the next chapter

Generally, when we watch a series that has several chapters, when we finish one, the next one automatically begins to play. This can be annoying for many, especially those who want to see one and then go about their day.

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There is a fairly simple way to deactivate this function which is applied to the account. This means that once you disable it, autoplay will not be available on any device.

  • The first thing you should do is use a web browser from your computer and log into your account.
  • Next, you are going to have to go to the settings of “Profiles and parental controls”In the specific profile that you want to modify the autoplay.
  • After this, you will have to go to “Playback settings”.
  • Now you have the option to uncheck “Automatically play the next episode of a series on all devices”.
  • To finish, the only thing left to do is simply click on “Keep”.

On some occasions for the change to take effect you may require an update to your account. For this you can change to another profile and then re-enter yours. You can also log out and log back in.

How to turn off the automatic playback of trailers

In case all the automatic plays bother you or you don’t like them at all. You can also deactivate the trailer for each content that we see in the menu, which in many cases can be quite annoying.

  • For this you must access your account.
  • Then we will have to go to the configuration of “Profiles and parental controls”Of the profile which you want to modify.
  • Now you will have to enter the section “Playback settings”.
  • Next, you simply have to deactivate the option “Automatically play trailers while browsing (on all devices)” and ready.

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Remember that sometimes it is necessary to log out and log in again for the changes to take effect, you can also try changing your profile and then returning to yours. In this way, you will have everything deactivated for your account on all the devices where you enjoy the episodes of your favorite series.

Likewise, in case you have any kind of doubt about how to turn off autoplay of episodes and trailers on NetflixYou can leave it in the comment box that you find a little below and we will help you in whatever is necessary. You will also find articles on how to fix errors on Netflix on our website.

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