How to Disable Automatic Downloads of Photos and Videos on WhatsApp?

A little further down we will see how to disable automatic downloads of photos and videos on WhatsApp, as These can not only consume all the storage of our cell phone. If not also mobile data.

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps around the world to send and receive messages of all kinds. We can send text messages, audio notes, images, videos, documents and even WhatsApp allows you to make group video calls, etc. But obviously each multimedia file that we send occupies a space on our device.

If your mobile phone does not have enough storage space, you will have to delete different files. Many are surprised that WhatsApp, an app that barely weighed a few MB when installed, soon weighs several GB.

Imagine that you have two WhatsApp groups and each of them sends between 50 to 100 messages a day. 30% of those messages are images or videos which are downloaded automatically to your device and in many cases we are not interested in seeing them or we cannot, since they are lost among so many messages.

You imagine how much storage space all those images and videos can occupy shipped daily? Possibly not even a device with a high storage space can avoid taking up your space in a short time.

What is the solution? Simply disable automatic WhatsApp downloads. This will not only help us save storage and believe me it will be a lot. But it also helps us save mobile data so we don’t run out of them before we make the end of the month or, failing that, have to find ourselves with a high figure on the bill.

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Turn off automatic downloads of photos and videos

But don’t worry, we’re only going to disable automatic downloads. This does not mean that you will not be able to see the photos and videos that are sent to you. Simply that you are going to have to download them manually.

When they send you a photo you will see a blurred thumbnail with a button in the middle that will say “Download”And specify the weight of the image. Simply click on the button so that it is downloaded immediately.

In this way we can save a significant amount of mobile data and storage on our device. And let’s be honest, most of the images and videos that are sent to us through groups generally do not interest us, so they end up taking up meaningless space on our device.

Next, we are going to see how to disable automatic downloads of WhatsApp multimedia files quickly and easily. But first you should consider making a backup copy of WhatsApp chats in Google Drive, protecting what you do not want to delete.

disable automatic downloads whatsapp

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Disable automatic downloads of photos and videos in WhatsApp

  • What we must do is open WhatsApp.
  • Now we go to the upper right part of the screen and press on the three points.
  • A menu with various options is displayed. Click on «Setting”.
  • Then you will have to go to «Data and storage”.
  • In section «Automatic download”You will have to click on the different options to configure them.
  • By clicking on «Download with mobile data» and «Download with Wi-Fi”We can choose if we want to download automatically: photos, audio, videos and documents.
  • If you deactivate all of them, then every time they send you a multimedia file you will have to press on it so that it is downloaded. However, it won’t download in any way if you don’t do it manually.

This will help us not only to save a huge amount of storage space. If not, we can also save mobile data, which will be quite noticeable at the end of the month when we have to pay the bill. Also, in case you don’t want to download everything manually, you can still configure it to be done automatically over Wi-Fi.

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