How to Disable Automatic Startup of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Startup (Example)

Microsoft Edge has failed to be the browser of choice for most Windows 10 users. It often has numerous notification windows and runs constantly in the background. If you want to know How to disable automatic start of Microsoft Edge when starting Windows 10?, pay attention to this interesting article.

How to disable automatic startup of Microsoft Edge when starting Windows 10?

When Microsoft Edge is no longer our default web browser, it can become annoying and unnecessary on our system. However, as this application is automatically defined by the system, we must deactivate the process from the record editor.

Here is some relevant information about Microsoft Edge and a procedure to disable the automatic start of this web browser when starting Windows 10.

Windows 10 Start Menu

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser created by the Microsoft company. This tool is built into the Windows 10 operating system and replaces the old Internet Explorer. You can download Microsoft Edge for free and take advantage of the multiple attributes that help it stand out from other browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What is Microsoft Edge for?

Microsoft Edge is used to surf the Internet in Windows 10. It allows users to create web notes, view web pages in read-only mode and share the content of different websites.

What is the automatic start of applications in Windows?

The automatic start of applications in Windows is a process by which a series of programs start at the same time as the OS. This action is performed automatically with certain applications that Windows considers essential or that have been installed by default.

The automatic start of Windows activates and runs applications in the background, which corresponds to a consumption of CPU and additional physical memory. Consequently, it increases the consumption of resources, especially if we are not taking advantage of these processes.

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Microsoft Edge autostart

Disable automatic startup of Microsoft Edge when starting Windows 10

To disable the automatic start of Microsoft Edge you can use the editor of Windows logs with the purpose of blocking the launch of this application and the opening of its tabs when you use the system.

This can also be done after customizing the Windows Task Manager, as there is a specific tab for starting applications. Still, if for some reason that doesn’t work, you’ll need to use the registry editor.

Use the Windows 10 Registry editor to disable Microsoft Edge autostart

To access the registry editor, go to the start menu and in the “run window” type the following command: regedit. The registry editor will open where you must locate the folder HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE. There you will see other folders from which you must choose “SOFTWARE”.

In “SOFTWARE” you will find all the folders that refer to the programs that have been installed on your computer. Locate the folder “Policies” and there you can access “Microsoft” and then “Microsoft Edge and” TabPreloader “. Then you will see on the right of the window a panel with three tabs that contain a name, type and data.

Create a new value in the registry editor for

It will be necessary to edit the registers in Regedit. Therefore, from TabPreloader, right click on a blank space in the panel and then on the “New” option. Choose “32-bit DWORD value”. Name the new value AllowPrelaunch and double-click it to set it to 0. This will disable the automatic startup of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

Also, you can disable the automatic loading of a new tab from this browser. To achieve this, follow all the above procedure and when you locate the TabPreloader key create a new value and name it AllowTabPreloading. Double click on it and set its value to 0.

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The automatic start of Microsoft Edge It can be really annoying, but as you will see, it is possible to take steps to prevent such a startup and free yourself from the automatic loading of this software once and for all. On the other hand, there is always the choice to uninstall Microsoft Edge completely if you don’t use the app.

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