How to Disable Automatic Updates of an Android App?

The applications include new updates in order to include new features or correct any type of problem with it. For this reason they can be updated automatically, but you have the control of deciding when you want them to update, so we will explain how to deactivate automatic updates.

The updates on Android devices are can deactivate from the Play Store. It is important that you understand what are the steps that must be followed to achieve a good result and that in this way the update is not unwise, since they are always updated at the most inopportune moment.

This possessed can be done in the options found in the official Android application store. Through these options updates can be configuredIn order for them to stop updating automatically, if you select this option, you will have to update them manually.

Disable automatic app updates

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First you must go and click on Google Play Store on your Android device, this option will take you to the application store menu. Then you must click on the three stripes that are in the upper right part of the screen for which I displayed the menu.

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Then you must look in the menu for the option «settings»This option can be viewed almost at the end of the menu and then you must click on it. This step will take you to the setting from the Android app store.

Being located in this section you will see several options, among them are notifications, but you only have to choose the option to «update applications automatically» in it you will be able to choose the way you want the applications to be updated.

Selecting the aforementioned option will open a new screen with three options which are: through any network, only through Wi-Fi and do not update apps. You must choose the last option from «do not update apps»This will disable automatic updates.

In this way you will be able to configure your Android device if you follow the steps correctly, so that the automatic updates stop appearing at the time that is least convenient for you, it is an easy and simple procedure.

But you should not worry if you made a mistake or if you make another decision and want to change what you selected, you just have to follow all the steps again and click on the option of your preference.

Disable automatic app updates on Android

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In the Google Play Store you will find the options to deactivate both the automatic option for a specific application or if you wish you can deactivate it for all applications.

In case you want to deactivate a specific app, you will have to look for the tab in Google Play, this can be achieved looking for the application by its name in the search engine. When you are in this section, select the application, it will take you to another window where they will appear 3 circles, there you will uncheck the option of update automatically.

By correctly following the steps mentioned, the new updates of the application will be ignored by Google Play. In this way, the application will no longer be automatically updated.

It is important to understand that going through this process will continue to show ads if updates are available. But you must update the application manually, you just have to enter the Play Store, search for the application and click update. Here we show you how to eliminate the ads that may appear.

It’s important pointing that Only you have control of how you want the updates on your mobile. Just as you can also customize Android devices, managing to activate the keyboard so that you can use it with one hand, you can also apply night mode, among other things.

In short, disabling automatic updates for your Android device is possible easily and simply. The most important thing is that you can deactivate the updates of all the applications that are on your device or if you prefer you can deactivate only the updates of a single specific application.

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